Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spool Fool

(Garnet Hill's Farmhouse Spool Bed)

Sometimes I assume that my aesthetic is an unchanging attribute, only to be confronted with a design element, print, artist, or furniture style that makes me question everything I thought I knew about myself. Apparently I'm drawn to many styles, not simply modern or clean-lined pieces--go figure!

The bed above, available at Garnet Hill, sparked my newest, unexpected obsession: any piece of furniture with a spool or spindle-carved frame. I've become a spool fool! Design*Sponge featured this timeless design and highlighted the storied history of the spool bed, specifically.

The style lends itself easily to bedrooms that are both traditional and a little quirky:

(via Mrs. Blandings)

(from Apartment Therapy)

Or a spool bed can be jazzed up with candy apple red paint for a child's room:

(courtesy of Oh Dee Doh)

But beds certainly can't have all the fun.
I'm also intrigued with smartly spindled side tables:

(Mark Badgley and James Mischka featured in Elle Decor)

(via Good Bones Great Pieces)

(from Martha Stewart)

Not convinced of all of the spool loveliness?
Pull up a chair and decide:

(via Massucco Warner Miller)

(a chair in the Astier de Villatte store, courtesy of Remodelista)

(A kitchen featured in Martha Stewart Living, via {frolic!})

(A chair from Hickory Chair via House Beautiful)

(Ralph Lauren's take on the classic spindle/spool chair)

What do you think?
Could you see yourself introducing this spool/spindle style into your home?


  1. Oh I do love a spool chair! As for the bed, I quite like it in black and red, but the wood isn't doing it as much for me.

    PS- I've been seeing so many camel back sofas on Philly's craigslist. Made me think of you.

  2. Thanks for choosing the Hickory Chair spool chair to include! It is distinctively beautiful and very comfortable. It is easy to recover for the seasons or just when you are ready for a new look! The best part is that it is made in Hickory, North Carolina! Select from over 70 finishes and any fabric or leather.

  3. Naomi--I'm thrilled to come to mind when you see camelback sofas! I could definitely be associated with worse...

  4. Such beautiful pieces! My grandmother has a beautiful spool bed which I hope to inherit one day!

  5. Hi Ashley! Love this post and everything spool! I did a post on this last year - I found a spool bed for $35. See here: http://greenstreetblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/spindley-pieces.html

    Also, I'm glad you went to the antique store in WH! I have found some great things there. So curious to see what you purchased!!

  6. What a lucky little boy your son is, Fran! I'm dying to see what color you decided on for it.

    I'll definitely be sharing my Three Ladies find very soon (though it needs some work)!

  7. I adore it so much i hunted for months to find one for my son's room.


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