Thursday, January 6, 2011

Purl Bee's Sewn Stash Baskets

(via The Purl Bee)

Earlier this week, I shared my resolutions for this year. I'm keeping the list short and sweet so as not to promise more than I can deliver. One goal concerned buying a sewing machine and using it (sounds simple, right?), and I think I've found my first target project: The Purl Bee's Sewn Stash Baskets.

These handmade beauties offer a chic way to corral all the "crap" I have (remember, my second goal for 2011 is to limit the intake of said "crap" this year).

Has anyone tried making these, or something similar?
Does this seem doable for a sewing newbie?

P.S. Don't forget about Hector. He needs your help. Anybody know a gifted blanket surgeon I can call upon? My beautiful Italian needs help, stat.


  1. I think that's a do-able early sewing project. I've done a few Purl Soho projects, and they always have great directions and advice. Not to mention a fabulous fabric selection at the store!

  2. These baskets are adorable!! I could use a couple of these around the house for all my sewing stuff ;-)

    Happy Thursday Dear!

    Oh, and have entered my EmersonMade GIVEAWAY yet?


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