Monday, January 10, 2011

Updates to Casa Ashley

(What I've been missing: a giant brass alligator! Suddenly, all is right with the world)

I thought it would be fun to begin the week by sharing some of the recent changes around my apartment, since there have been many since the holidays.

This weekend, we set out to remove our Christmas tree, so naturally we set up our own little Christmas tree "kill room". Dexter reference, anyone?

This Restoration Hardware brass telescopic floor lamp recently followed me home from the outlet, and I can't imagine my living room without it:

And don't worry, I'm still planning on reupholstering my living room chair in Sister Parish's "Tucker" print.

Here's a very special Christmas present I received: a vintage papercut landscape that Mom found in an antique shop in Maine. It's so spectacular, I had to rush right home to hang it up.

Up close:
Now for the downstairs "den": Mom was kind enough to sew a pair of spotted panels to cover our stacked washer and dryer from extra fabric I had on hand.
I'm still looking for a fun throw pillow for the loveseat.
Can anyone offer a recommendation?

While in CT, Mom and I stopped by Three Ladies Antiques in West Hartford. I walked away with this pair of matching end tables for $40! When I saw their shapely legs and sophisticated handles, I was smitten.

Too bad the tabletops are hideous. You better believe an update/project is forthcoming!

Just a few small changes to share on a wintery Monday morning!


  1. Ashley, your changes look awesome! I can't believe you scored those end tables at 3 Ladies - so awesome!! And, I would DIE to have that floor lamp - looking for one just like it!

  2. your home is gorgeous! such a fun fabric!

  3. Thanks, Paula! I look at my place as "in process" so there's still lots to do, but thank you, thank you!

  4. Okay, this is weird, I was just looking at your blog yesterday. I think I found it through a comment you left on someone else's because of the Premier fabric. Then I saw your comment on my blog. Really strange coincidence. I love your blog and your style.

    And don't you just love Premier fabrics? Nice and inexpensive! I'm hoping to reupholster a chair soon in one of their prints. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

  5. THank you, Kathy! I adore the Premier Prints line--so many fun options to choose from. I hope to see what you've decided to use one of the prints for soon!

  6. I had to scroll through and find your Togo ottomans (ottomen?)--so smart!


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