Monday, March 5, 2012

Jazzing Up an Ikea Stave Mirror

Last week, I alluded to several projects that I've been working on, so today begins a week of reveals. Enjoy!

I've owned my "Stave" white mirror from Ikea for about two years and, up until recently, was on the fence about keeping it. It only cost me $50 and because it wasn't a major investment piece, I thought I might trade up for a floor mirror with a bit more oomph for my bedroom.
But, I thought I'd take a cue from one of my recent posts that touched on the subject of affordable-but-"meh" catalog pieces that can easily be transformed with the addition of a decorative detail or paint.
I thought I'd try adding both.

For this project, I used:
1.  an Ikea "Stave" mirror in white
2. two pieces of 8' x 1/2" unfinished rope molding (I bought mine at Home Depot for ~$7)
3. a miter box 
4. glue
5. a coping saw
6. spray paint or latex paint in the color of your choice

Want to see how I customized this bland mirror in a few easy steps? Here's how:
Step #1:
I purchased two 8' long pieces of unfinished wooden rope trim from Home Depot that cost ~$7 a piece.
The trim was narrower than the mirror's frame, and I began by laying it on the frame so that it was centered. It looked great!
Happy with the look, I took my coping saw and cut two pieces for the long and short sides of the mirror.
These were straight cuts.
Step #2:
With two pieces of trim cut for the short and long sides of the mirror frame, I marked where each piece would meet at a mitered corner. Then, I used my coping saw and miter box to cut each piece of trim on the diagonal where I had marked it.  
Step #3:
With two short edges and two long edges mitered, I was ready to run a bead of glue along the flat side of the trim. I pressed the trim to the mirror frame and wipe any excess glue.
While glue is drying, it's also a good idea to fill in the spaces in the mitered corner with wood filler.
Step #4:
With the glue set and the trim secured to the mirror, I began painting with abandon. I didn't tape the trim off because I knew I'd inevitably have to use a razor and Windex to clean up the mirror regardless.
I used paint that I had lying around: "Lamb" by Martha Stewart for Home Depot--a fresh, classic white.
I allowed the paint to dry and scraped away any paint on the mirror's glass.
Now, all cleaned up and transformed, I'm ready to share my jazzed up Stave mirror with the world...
I'm totally in love and so happy with the custom feel the addition of $15 worth of trim had on this nondescript-but-affordable mirror.
What do you think?


  1. I love it! I may totally copy you once I am stateside.

  2. Look at you go! Love this project, Ashley. My hubs would be proud of your corners! Stop by if yo have a moment, I'd love to get your opinion at my blog!

  3. I love it! Such a great DIY



  4. Ashley, so cute!! You're rocking when it comes to DIY projects - seriously!!

  5. you are on a roll! this is great!

  6. What a super-great project, Ashley. Love the trim and love how you have your x bench layered in front!

  7. So pretty, I love that trim. I almost got some for my umbrulla box the other day, hmmm now that I think about it I might have to go back and buy it now. What an easy upgrade!

  8. I love little details like this that completely transform a basic piece. Your mirror looks great!

  9. So. Awesome. Great little DIY with big impact!


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