Friday, March 30, 2012

Look for Me in Today's Philadelphia Inquirer!

 I woke up this morning with a squeal because...drumroll, please...I'm featured in today's Home & Design section of the Philadelphia Inquirer discussing the topic of Ikea hacks!

This is so cool! I'm giddy, I really am (even if I do look awkward staring at myself in the mirror...).

Naomi Stein, my lovely design-fiend friend and blogger at Design Manifest, was also interviewed for the article, so be sure to pick up a copy (if you're local) or read the entire article here.


  1. Congrats girl! I went out and bought three copies because I KNOW Nana is gonna need one ;)

  2. Oh wow! That is sooooo cool! Congrats girly!

  3. Hello, Ashley! I'm Kaytie from GardenKitchenHome--the other blogger mentioned in the article! I love your corner of the web. Feel free to check out mine at

  4. That's so cool, Ashley! Congratulations on the feature! :)

  5. Congrats! That is so exciting. Real press!

  6. So exciting, Ashley! Going to read it now!


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