Monday, March 26, 2012

What's Your Perfect Pillow Combination?

Recently, I was flipping through my copy of Deborah Needleman's book The Perfectly Imperfect Home, and the topic of bedroom pillows grabbed my attention. In the book, Needleman offers a helpful recipe for pillows that keeps us from going overdosing on them. 
There's an assumption out there about women and their beds that concerns the amount of pillows we like to use to make our beds pretty--the assumption being that, for women, the more pillows the better. 
What's your take on the matter?

On my bed, I keep things simple with a combination of 4 standard pillows and three small decorative pillows.
But, according to Needleman, there are three main pillow combinations, all of which are chic and none of which require 57 decorative pillows.

"The Square Finish"
One way to combine pillows is the "square finish," where a pair of Euro square pillows are leaned against the front of a stack of standard-size pillows.

"The Domino Effect"
This pillow combination places Euro square pillows against the wall or headboard, with standard-size pillows in front. Pillows in this combination are organized from largest to smallest, like the examples below.

"The Standard Issue"
The "standard issue" pillow arrangement is a bit more stripped down than the other combinations because it does not involve a Euro pillow at all. Standard-size pillows are stacked and paired with 1-2 small pillows. One long bolster pillow adds a clean, finished appearance.
(via my Pinterest)
What's your perfect pillow combination?
Are you a fan of "the square finish," "the domino effect," or "the standard issue"?


  1. I am going for the Domino effect in our next home!

  2. I'm a square finish-er! I just don't like the look of the sleeping pillows out front (probably because I'm bad about matching my sheets and pillow cases!).

  3. Mine are like yours and I'm good with it! Have a great start to your week, Ashley!

  4. I have the domino effect but would love a long bolster to dress it up!

  5. I sort of do a combo if that makes sense. I have my sleeping pillow hidden behind my Euro which is behind decorative standard. So, I think I'm mostly a Domino Effect girl. But I love the bolster. Oh, this is hard!

  6. I always struggle with bed pillows as I hate how standard pillows look. Usually I hide mine with big euro shams. I just finished a bedroom where there are no joke like 10 pillows. We just kept adding more and she loves it. The hubby some how goes along with it... ;)

  7. I've never really thought much of my pillow collection - mostly because my boyfriend hates all of the throw pillows! I'm lucky to get one decorative one on the bed!

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  8. I am so obsessed with that book! I have read it twice! Love your pillows!

  9. Fascinating! I never gave this much thought to pillows before. Looks like I'll need to get the book. I currently have 2 Euros, 4 Standards, and 1 boudoir. That's probably 3 pillows too many :(

  10. I like the domino effect. That's what's on my bed right now, with 7 pillows :)



  11. I'm also a domino effect girl, but to be frank, I'd never though to give other combinations a try. I like how you break this one down. Sometimes our sleeping pillows look a little flat/lumpy/wrinkly, so I think I'll the square finish a try tomorrow morning. Thanks, Ashley!!


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