Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Finds that I Just Had to Share!

Last week, I wrote about an antiquing expedition with my mom while in my home state of Connecticut. 
As it turns out, I spent this past weekend doing more antique shopping and I hit the motherload.
What's more: I spent less than $50 on everything I'm sharing with you today!

My first find is one I've been hunting for a long time. 
On my recent birthday wish list, a small kilim or persian rug was one of the first items listed.
 Also for the bathroom: this antique Spode sugar bowl, which now houses cotton balls.
Looks a bit like a sea anemone and a bit like a cactus, and I love it.
Another bargain treasure: 
This $1 faience-style dish is a piece from the Danish company Nymolle, which I've written about here before. It will hold our keys once I get my entry table/dresser situation figured out.
 Perhaps the most amazing find of the weekend: 
A paper sculpture from Jack Eisner in what could best be described as a junk shop.
I spent a whopping $5 on it and it is so mesmerizing in person, I can't even tell you.
With a little internet investigation, I found a website selling it for $750! Talk about finding buried treasure.

I'm wondering if I should plan another antiquing adventure for this coming weekend...
will lightening strike thrice?
Have you found any amazing finds lately?


  1. Wow - what a crazy art find! And I love your little bathroom rug, too.

  2. Wow, I love it when I find stuff that retails for a lot more. I need to go shopping w/you, Ashley. You always find the best things!

  3. Oh the thrill of the hunt! Amazing find...and it looks great on your wall! I love thrifting...check out one of my latest finds

    Makes me want to go out hunting today!

  4. You HAVE to tell me where you went! Delaware, right?

  5. I am also curious where you hunt locally. I love glass and think your cotton ball holder is fab!

  6. Great finds! That rug is a treasure!

  7. Lucky girl! And while you're at it, buy a lottery ticket. Great finds!

  8. That art piece is fantastic! And I love your little rug, too. There is so much cool stuff out there, you just have to look!

  9. Wow. You seriously hit the motherload, especially with that art piece. Amazing finds, Ashley!

  10. You have a great eye for antiquing. I especially love the rug.


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