Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New-to-Me: Nymolle Denmark Ceramics

You know when you come across something design-y that you just feel compelled to share with your blog friends? Well, I am compelled to share with you a new-to-me find: Nymolle Denmark ceramics.

If you haven't heard of this line, many of the pieces depict forest scenery and medieval feudalism--just what your table is lacking! Ceramic plates, cups, and bowls can be found for very reasonable prices across the internet, including on Etsy and Ebay. Here are just a few pieces I've got my eye on:
(Nymolle lighter and cup for $11 on Etsy--though I don't need the lighter!)

Searching Ebay yields a whole host of Nymolle products, many under $10! Here is just a sampling of the goodies I found:

(Nymolle Denmark plate, currently selling for $9.99 on Ebay)

(A viking-patterned Nymolle Denmark lidded box, available for $16.95 on Ebay)

With so many options under $20.00, it seems that we can all afford to add a little Danish whimsy to our homes.

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  1. These are so charming! I think a bit of Danish whimsy is a must for the Armour household : )

    xx Katie


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