Friday, October 29, 2010

TGIF, 10/29/10 Edition

Hallelujah, another weekend is upon us!

I'm at the tail-end of grantwriting at work and, as a reward, my mom is visiting me this weekend! Mom's going to help me with some projects and bring me a few pillows she's made for my linen loveseat (how great are moms, btw?). We'll be dropping off my ottomans to J.t.U. on Saturday and will be waiting with bated breath until they are done.

Secondly, my dear Adam will be back on Halloween day from his world tour. Maybe we'll gorge ourselves on candy in celebration.

Happy weekend! Happy Halloween! See you in November, friends.


  1. Happy Halloween Ashley - have a great w/e! Oh, how fun you're mom will be helping you w/projects! BTW, I agree w/your last post - I was so excited to see Tori on OKL but was dismayed when I saw the prices!! Kind of crazy.....

  2. Thanks, Fran! I hope you have fun trick-or-treating plans with your son! And thank you for echoing my dismay--I was really concerned that everyone else on the planet thought these were great deals. Way to keep it real!

  3. Yay for fun weekends with family and for a blissful reunion with Adam! XO


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