Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Sucker for Stationary

My name is Ashley and I like hand-written notes.

In the go-go-go world of email and text message communication, the hand-written note is a treasure. Plus, its always a joy to receive something in my mailbox that isn't from Sallie Mae or Citibank (are you with me!?). Imagine my pleasure when I stumbled upon the small printing company, Letterary Press, who has combined my love for cheeky notecards and literary quotes.

Check them out, aren't they great?:

(Robert Frost via Letterary Press)

(Henry David Thoreau by Letterary Press)

(Louisa May Alcott interpreted by Letterary Press)

(Jane Austen via Letterary Press)

The next time I'm sending a note but lacking just the right witticism, I'm turning to this cheeky printing company to get the message across. You never know, I might send one your way...


  1. Housekeeping really isn't a joke. Thanks, LMA!

    P.S. I love the labels on this post! So funny.

  2. So true, handwritten stuff is so much more special in this day and age. Wish I was the type to be thoughtful and send random notes to all my loved ones. A girl can aspire....


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