Monday, October 25, 2010

Divine Inspiration: Sister Corita Kent

Happy Monday, friends!

Today, I share with you a little artwork from Sister Corita Kent (1918-1986), a Catholic nun, artist and educator whose artwork conveyed messages of peace, love, and social justice during a time of war and great cultural change. During her time at Immaculate Heart College in California in the 1960's, Sister Corita produced countless numbers of serigraphs with the help of her students that are now available through the Corita Art Center. In her work she invoked the new wave of the decade's pop cultural iconography, including the Beatles and Wonderbread, to reach a wide audience.

Later in her life, she left the Order for a new life on the east coast. She befriended Charles Eames and stayed dedicated to her social justice commitments, working with George McGovern, Amnesty International, and Physicians for Social Responsibility on their advertising and political campaigns.

Here are just a few pieces I'll highlight (saving more for you to check out yourself here):

Entitled "Understanding":

Entitled "Only Speak of Hope":

Entitled "Wonderbread":

Entitled "Damn '78":

I've purchased the "Wonderbread" print, as well as this lucite paperweight and I can't wait 'til they arrive.

It'll great to be surrounded by divinely-inspired artwork that represents a life dedicated to hope, tolerance, and love.

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  1. Inspiring artwork as well as the story behind them! I learn something new everyday through blogging!! Thanks for sharing!


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