Friday, October 22, 2010

TGIF, 10/22/10 Edition

TGIF indeed. As the work week looms, I develop psychological angina that only subsides as the weekend approaches. That said, here we are again!

This weekend:
  • Spending some QT with Adam before he's off to London-Hamburg-Barcelona. (Quite the world traveler my guy is!)
  • Ottoman update: I've ordered my Togo fabric from Premier Prints, and am hoping to drop the 2 pieces off next Saturday to my guy J.t.U. (Joe the Upholsterer, as I've dubbed him). For more on the intended project, read about it here.

I bid you adieu until Monday, readers.
Now get off the computer and go enjoy your much-deserved weekend!


  1. Ashley, I can't wait to see your ottomans!! I ordered some samples from Premier Prints and they still haven't come yet - 2 weeks now. Ugh.....Happy Weekend!

  2. Fran--I had the SAME slow experience getting my sample, but I was very pleased when it arrived. I am always so impatient when it comes to upholstery projects, though...I can't wait to share the ottomans with everyone!

  3. Oh good- glad your went for it.

    Wow- sounds like a fun trip for Adam... work or play?

    and lastly... is J.t.U. a little gruff on the phone, or is it just me? Will he be warm and cuddly in person?

  4. Ha! Naomi, yes, he is a little gruff on the phone as well as physically. In person he was sort of matter-of-fact. Truth is, I like anyone that does good work and is cheaper than the rest...


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