Monday, March 12, 2012

Antiquing with Mom

On Saturday, while nearly everyone obsessed with interior design was anxiously awaiting the newest issue of Lonny, I was out with my mom searching for antiques and some unique secondhand finds in Connecticut's Farmington Valley.
And, in case you thought I would have had a better time reading Lonny, I present this photography evidence to prove the contrary. Man, I spotted some absolutely fabulous items!

Let's start with the items I should have bought:
This empire-style chair was part of a pair and in absolutely perfect condition (though I'd change the upholstery). 
I like the idea of combining a classic, timeless chair like this with more modern pieces. Each chair was $55.
 Don't get angry, but I passed on this gilded chandelier, which was only $248. It was about 3.5' wide and beautiful. 
Ugh, I need a house before I start buying light fixtures...
The same goes for this moravian star fixture, which was $225.
How great would this be in a small space like a powder room?
Anyone need a set of 4 Paul McCobb dining chairs? 
Got $395? That's how cheap they were.
And, why overlook some well-priced pieces, such as this brass and bamboo-shaped bar cart,
 or this collection of eye-catching minerals from India:
 or how about this bobbin-style corner chair, which was $110:
Staffordshire dogs kept popping up in several of the dealer's booths, but if you're not a dog person you can also find yourself a pair of staffordshire cats--who knew?

I loved several more pieces, including rugs and artwork:
While I didn't walk away with any of the pieces I shared today, I did manage to take home a beautiful item that I passed up in October that hadn't yet been sold. Let's hope that some of these pieces will be around when I venture to CT for my next trip.


  1. Oh, I'm in pain. These finds are SO good!! That first chair about killed me, then the chandeliers. Sigh. So glad you got something you had your eye on. Don't you love when that happens?? I still haven't looked at Lonny. Guess I need to do that now!

  2. That chandelier would have been tough to pass up. And the bar cart... wait, and that first chair. I know the pain of passing up great finds because you just can't use them (yet). Thanks for sharing these great pieces!

  3. I love that bar cart! CT is great place for things like this, everything in NYC gets so picked over.



  4. Staffordshire CATS!!! Ugh, I have to get some. Plus, those minerals from much were those? Very good finds!

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  6. I agree with Kim, I love the chandelier and star pendant. I also love the corner bench. How cute is that!

  7. That first chair is incredible! And love the little bobbin chair too. Where did you shop in CT? I would love to know a good spot or two to check out whenever I'm in town.

  8. Ashley, I dream of coming across Paul McCobb furniture at a garage sale for exactly that reason!

    The first chair you showed is gorgeous. I would have a very hard time walking away from them! Also I know where you can order that exact Moravian star for around $85, if you want to know more!

  9. Wow! Awesome finds-I would have wanted to take a lot of those items home!


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