Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paul Costello's Tips for Photographing Your Space

Do you want to learn how to better photograph your apartment and its furnishings?

For many of us bloggers (myself, for sure!), capturing our homes in "magazine worthy" shots is a really complicated process, am I right? If I could choose one modern photographer to shoot my home, it would be Paul Costello, who was the go-to photographer for Domino and continues to produce gorgeous images that inspire us all.

Recently, I discovered Paul Costello's tips for producing the best interior photographs via Decorno.
And clearly, some of us (me!) could really benefit from Costello's advice.

Feast your eyes on these spaces he's snapped:
(all via Paul Costello's portfolio)

Who wouldn't want to be able to photograph their space and produce images as gorgeous as these?!

Have you mastered interior photography?
What tips do you have to share?


  1. I need a course on photography for sure!

  2. Those are some great tips! I am awful with taking pictures...so they help! Take care, Caroline

  3. I so wish I could take better pictures. I'm absolutely horrible at it. I need to try out these tips.

  4. The only thing I know to do is try to use as much natural light as possible...after that I'm completely lost!!!!

  5. These are great tips. I try to take my photos at 12 noon (I read somewhere that noon is the best time to take interior shots). I also thought you wanted to leave all the lights on...but Paul says not too. Hmm....need to try that one.

  6. I need to read this. I think something looks so cute in my house and then I photograph it and it just looks dead! There is an art to this and I'm going to see what I can learn. Thanks for the link, girl.

  7. I definitely need to read these tips. My only tips are to use natural light when possible (no flash) and auto-focus!

  8. Hi Ashley! Thank you for the link!! I am definitely going to check it out as I have done two posts on composing photos and want to find out what the professionals say. Since I have a point-and-shoot with no hope of a nicer camera in my future, i feel like I need to compensate by ramping it up a bit in the composition department.

  9. Wow, gorgeous portfolio...he has an amazing eye! As for myself with my crappy camera I have such a hard time taking interior shots, so I tend to ask my friend who is a photographer to do it. Thanks for sharing and thanks again for all of your sweet comments! xx Danielle

  10. I definitely have a lot to learn and will be checking out these tips. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for sharing Ashley, I can certainly use all the help I can get!


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