Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Newest Obsession: Moroccan Side Tables

Betcha you were starting to wonder what to get me for Christmas, am I right?*

Lately, I've become obsessed with hunting down a small Moroccan-like side table for my living room.
It all started when my dear blog friend Kate highlighted Wisteria's take on the Moroccan table.
(via Wisteria)

This style feels like the best combination of a round and square table, and certainly adds a worldly charm to any room in which they appear. Like any small piece of furniture, these tables offer more surface area for lamps, books, or knick-knacks without consuming too much precious floor space. 

I've noticed this style of table popping up in many well-designed spaces, and almost always stealing the show. 
These six- or eight-sided tables can be...

Painted a solid color with limited decorative detail:
(Domino via Decorpad)
(Mona Ross Berman's beach house features 2 of these tables via House Beautiful)
(Katie Denham's revitalized table)
(via Casapinka)

or the Moroccan-style table can be

Decorated with engraved or inlaid accents:
(via Pinterest)
(via Pinterest)
Which do you prefer: clean and unadored or flourished with detail?

For my living room, I'd like to keep the detail and color subtle, so that the table does not compete with the other elements in the space. During my quest for affordable options, I came across several tutorials to build your own Moroccan table (see here and here). This DIY option from Fresh Home Ideas seems doable and fits the "subtle" requirement. 
(via Fresh Home Ideas)

What do you make of this style: classic worldly design or passing trend?
Would you try your hand at constructing your own?

*Remember, only 59 days 'til Christmas. Start constructing this table now if you want it wrapped under my Christmas tree!*


  1. I think it is a classic table that can be used in many well worth it! I would go subtle...but love them all! Take care, Caroline

  2. I have one of these little guys and have been saving up images of inspiration of what to do with it. Loving your round up! Also realized I was somehow not a follower, but that situation has been remedied.


  3. I think it's classic too since the style has been around for awhile. The images you've shown are great because it proves how versatile this little, movable sidetable is. Some really great ideas here too for arranging spaces. I bet you could find one thrifting if you looked for awhile. I think they were popular in the 70s.

  4. I can see why you are obsessed. They are small pieces of functional art. Look at all the interesting colors, shapes, and details they have!

  5. I was JUST looking at the Wisteria one this morning! (It's on sale, too, isn't it?) These have been around for a while so even though we're seeing them more and more, I don't think they'll ever be out. Thanks so much for the nice comment yesterday! xo

  6. They have been around for along time and I think they will stay around. At least for my taste. Even if they went out of style, I still like them. To me they have a classic shape, but the carve outs add a bit of global flare. I really love the first image from Domino. The large scale of the table is so fun!

  7. Yeah!! I love this post. Happy I inspired you. :) You found the most fabulous inspiration photos. Obviously, I'm down with the Moroccan tables.

  8. Just wanted to tell ya I picked up a Moroccan table at Goodwill tonight. I thought of you when I saw it! It's painted a hideous color with a flower on top...can't wait to transform it! Thanks for the inspiration:)


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