Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Because No One Should Go Hungry on Thanksgiving

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My month-long exercise in thankfulness is rapidly coming to a close, but before the month is up I have to give thanks for the basic necessities--food, shelter, clothing--that I've never been without. However I can't let the opportunity pass without pointing out that many among us aren't as fortunate.

According to the USDA, 15% of American households are "food insecure," meaning that they are uncertain of having or unable to provide enough food to meet the needs of everyone in the home. That's over 50 million people without enough to eat each day. These are our neighbors, our family, our friends, our fellow Americans.

But hunger in America is a problem we can solve. There are wonderful organizations working tirelessly to--once and for all--eradicate hunger in this country. If you are fortunate to have enough to eat in your pantry right now, I encourage you to consider supporting any of the following hunger-relief organizations.

Organizations operating nationwide:

Organizations operating in the Philadelphia area:

This month I've counted my blessings, naming them one by one. But today, and every day, I should be thankful for being fortunate enough to always having more than enough to eat.

Today, I am thankful for:
The food in my pantry and the food in my stomach. I am also thankful that the organizations above address the problem of hunger in this country every day, knowing that none will abandon their mission until hunger is eradicated. 

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.


  1. This is why its such an easy thing to donate a dollar everytime you grocery shop so it helps out someone in need!

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes....I brought 4 bags of groceries to my local Food Bank yesterday. Great post.

    1. You are wonderful, Linda! What a great thing to do for others!

  3. Thanks for calling out this issue and including the links to some great organizations, Ashley. Such a shame that this happens amidst such abundance! We can and must do more.

  4. A great reminder.. thanks for sharing.. Happy Thanksgiving.


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