Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Craft #2: Holiday Song Garland

(via Katie did)

Last year, Adam and I held our first holiday party and, while looking for great festive decor ideas, I found this idea for holiday song garland over at Katie did's blog
I created several garlands for our den last year and loved the look, so I thought I'd create more for our living room!
To create these holiday song garlands, you will need:
1. 8.5" x 11" colored copy paper (no need for to spring for expensive cardstock!)
2. twine or string
3. scissors
4. clear tape

Pretty simple list of supplies, no?

Step #1:
Start by selecting the holiday song phrases you will be creating. Don't be overly ambitious; limit yourself to memorable segments of your favorite Christmas songs. Here are a few that I chose--see if you can identify the whole song:
"rockin around the Christmas tree"
"please have snow and mistletoe"
"Jack Frost nipping at your nose"
"may your days be merry and bright"

Step #2:
Now that you've decided which song phrases you will create, begin by cutting your colored paper in half, then in half again. Each sheet of paper will produce 4 letters (use this to determine how many sheets of paper you will need for your chosen phrases). Then, focus your attention on one letter at a time. Cut all the E's at once, all the T's at once, and C's at once, etc. I did not trace or draw the letters, but created simple block-style letters that were easy to create.

Step #3:
Once you have the letters prepared for a whole song phrase, clear out a large area on a table or floor and start spelling the song segment backwards (letters and words backwards!). Determine the spacing you'd like to see between letters and words in your garland, and run your string or twine continuously along the top of each letter. When you're happy with the spacing, begin taping down the portion of string that touches the back of each letter.

With every letter secured with tape, flip your phrase over to reveal it's finished look!
Step #4:
Hang your garland with the same clear tape and continue creating more until your home is a holiday song wonderland!

I have more to work on for my living room so I'm off to work.

Would a holiday garland like this put a little song in your heart?


  1. This is adorable and so unique, I love it!

  2. Cool idea! Might have to incorporate this into our holiday party next week.

  3. These were so happy and festive at your party last year. I'm excited to know how you made them!

  4. I love it!! It's so jolly!

  5. i love that, that is super cute. what a fun thing to do for a wedding or annivesary or something, with the first song lyrics, no?

  6. So fun!! Love this idea! Take care, Caroline

  7. Great idea, Ashley - I would be singing those songs in my head when I went to bed every night - and that's such a good thing!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. That's a lovely project! I think I'll try this one out! ;)

  10. What a neat idea, Ashley. And it has so many applications since you could use this idea for other festive occasions.


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