Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Craft #1: Toadstool Ornaments

I'm so excited to share with you all my first Christmas craft of the season!
Last December, those Martha Stewart geniuses concocted a project that I've been excited to try all year (yes, all year long). Now that December has arrived once more, it's finally time to create my own toadstool ornaments for my Christmas tree. 

Toadstools and other elements like acorns, pinecones, or walnuts reinforce the natural aspect of the forest and harvest season. Toadstools, mushrooms, or champignons (whatever you call them), are a recurrent theme in German holiday ornaments and decor, and I thought that I would infuse our Christmas tree with these toadstool ornaments that give a nod to nature.
(via Wikipedia)

To create my own toadstool ornaments for this year's tree, I needed a few special supplies:
1. metal clip-on candle holders, $9 from Ebay (where I bought mine)
2. papier mache toadstools, $10 from Pier 1 (no longer available)
3. fine white glitter (I used "Carrera" by Martha Stewart), $5
4. small flat-sided paint brush, $3
5. red and pearlized white craft paints (I used colors from Martha's line in "Cayenne" and "Pearl"), $2/each

You will also need to have some white glue and hot glue on hand for this project, but you probably already have that lying around! While I purchased my papier mache toadstools from Pier 1, I've found some options that would also work for this project:
Find these options here:
3. Create your own with this tutorial from Folksy

Once you have your papier mache forms, follow these easy steps.

Step #1:
Paint the toadstools in the vibrant red-and-white combination.
My toadstool forms were orange, yellow, and green (which don't exactly scream "Christmas"), so I used colors from Martha Stewart's line of craft paint. Allow enough time for all of your painted mushrooms to dry.
Don't forget the dots atop your toadstool caps!

Step #2:
Clean your paintbrush and use it to cover the caps of your mushrooms in a thin film of white glue.

Step #3:
While your mushroom caps are still tacky with glue, take your glitter and sprinkle the tops with lots and lots of sparkle. Allow time for your glitter and glue to dry before proceeding to the next step. Use a cup or plate to gather excess glitter for reuse.

Step #4:
Next, you want to begin transforming your toadstools into ornaments. Dab a generous amount of hot glue on your candle holder clips (right in the center where the stem of the mushroom will go). Take your first toadstool and hold it to the clip until the glue has adhered. Repeat for all of the mushroom forms you have.
And, like that, you are done! 
This project took me the better part of an afternoon, with enough time factored in for drying paint and drying glue. But, let me tell you, the rewards of waiting are worth it: just check out my completed ornaments:
Very Anthropologie, no?
I had a lot of fun working on these ornaments and know I'll love bringing them out each year.
Hope you like my first Christmas craft of the season!


  1. So cute! I love this project.

  2. Just adorable.

    I haven't quite gotten into the holidays yet. Hopefully next weekend...

  3. Those are so cute! I think yours are better then Martha's - seriously.

  4. Love it!!! I was also putting my Martha Stewart hat on an crafting up a storm. I'm going to put mine up tomorrow on my site:

  5. Totally son was a toadstool for Halloween last year. It was hysterical and I actually did a post about it: Thanks for the MSE Mag again! xx Danielle

  6. Oh gosh, Ashley. I love your toadstool ornaments!!! Craft on!

  7. I love those! They are so charming and vintage looking. What a great craft for Christmas. Thanks for sharing this with your readers!

  8. i love these! such a cute and unique DIY. love the touches of glitter.

  9. Love cute!!! Take care, Caroline

  10. At my annual tree trimming party back in Brooklyn, guests would bring ornaments as hostess gifts. One of my favorite ever was a set of teensy tiny toadstools that just twist around the branch. they came from Germany and I love finding them in the ornament box each year.

    Super cute!


  11. These are impossibly adorable and so professional looking. Wish we lived in the same city. I would have so much fun decorating and crafting with you!


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