Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Custom Fabric-Covered Tissue Box Cover

(Sister Parish-covered tissue boxes, $58, via The Zhush)

In the last week, I've been working on major, deep cleaning and redecorating my bathroom. After all of this work, I've been asking myself:  Why are tissue boxes inherently ugly? 
Would it be so difficult to offer a chic tissue box design once and awhile, Kleenex or Puffs?
 For this project, I used the following supplies:
1. fabric of your choice (I chose a sample of "Lascaux" by Alan Campbell in white/black that I had)
2. spray adhesive (optional)
3. tissue box cover (I purchased this one from West Elm)
4. paintbrush
6. scissors
7. bottle of Mod Podge

Want to jazz up an unfortunate tissue box in your home?

Step #1:
Start with crisply ironed fabric and lay it wrong-side up. Place the top of your tissue box cover face down on the fabric. Trace the top and opening the box cover with your vanishing fabric marker. Then, lean one side of your box cover (the face of the box) and trace about 1/4" larger than the edge of the box. Continue with all of the faces/sides of your tissue box cover.
Step #2:
With your outline marked, cut the edges of your box (it should look like a cross) and then snip the opening of the cover. Do not cut the opening out entirely.

 Step #3:
Put your fabric aside for a second and begin covering your tissue box cover with either Mod Podge (which I used) or spray adhesive. Start with the top of the box first and stop. Apply the fabric to the top of your tissue box facing rightside up. Smooth out bubbles as you go. Then, proceed to the next side/face of your box cover, applying Mod Podge to the cover as you go. Fold the extra 1/4" of fabric around the corners of one side.

 Step #4:
There will be 2 sides of the box cover that will have extra fabric wrapped around their edges. To create a clean edge, tuck the extra fabric you have and apply the fabric with Mod Podge. You will be left with 2 sides with crisp, clean edges.
Step #5:
Apply Mod Podge to the bottom of the box and fold your fabric over the bottom edge. Hold until adhered.
Step #6:
Brush your Mod Podge around the inside of your tissue box opening and hold the snipped fabric against it until adhered.
 Step #7:
Last and final step: apply Mod Podge to every side of the tissue box cover. At this point, be sure that there are no stray fibers on your fabric-covered tissue box because, when Mod Podge-d, they will be there forever! Also, Mod Podge dries clear so be as liberal with it as you want.
 And, voila! Like that, your tissue box is much, much more chic.
In less than 30 minutes (plus drying time), my bathroom has a fun fabric accent.
As you can tell, my bathroom is taking on a black-and-white color scheme and I'm looking forward to revealing more projects very shortly!

Would you try this easy-peasy project?


  1. Oh, Ashley, I love it! So cool, clean and crisp. You are so creative and crafty. Might tackle this after the new year!

  2. Love it! My husband has started putting tissue boxes everywhere...I might need to try this.


  3. Great job!!! My husband also has tissue boxes all over the place...Take care, Caroline

  4. Um, this is so incredible! I really love it because I have a panic attack every time I have to buy tissues looking for just the right patterned (and it is never right) box. Will definitely have to put your tutorial to use very soon.

  5. I agree with you, tissue boxes are so not cute! I love this project and will have to make one of my own...and soon, cold season is coming!

  6. So cute! I really like this idea.

    Looking forward to seeing the bath reveal.

  7. You are so clever!!! I love this idea. Laughing at Casey's comment because I feel exactly the same way.

  8. I agree with clever! This is one DIY I will actually do!

  9. I might except I'm so ghetto I use TP for nose blowing.

    Hate ugly tissue boxes.


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