Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for a Pen Pal

It's ironic that I'm here today extolling the value and sentiment of the lost art of the hand-written note when, just yesterday, the Post Office announced that they will be reducing their delivery services and personnel as letters make way for the modern expediency of email and instant messaging.

Is the art of letter writing really dead? I, for one, am not ready to believe it.
If you're passionate about all things epistolary, this gift guide is for you:

For those among us that cherish receiving a hand-written piece of mail, this holiday gift guide is perfect.


  1. Great selection. I'm loving the price point too. Any of these would be great for a Secret Santa gift.

  2. We already receive so few "real" letters these days. I'm not sure how this downward trend can reverse itself, but I sure hope it does. It's so special to receive a personal, handwritten note.


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