Friday, December 16, 2011

TGIF, 12/16/11 Edition

It's Friday once again, friends! 
And this weekend is a special one for Adam and I, as we are hosting our annual holiday party tomorrow evening. We sent out invitations to our party (see above) using Paperless Post, which allows you to create and send customized invitations, cards, and save-the-dates via email. 

I'm looking forward to celebrating with friends tomorrow eve, especially because I've been sidelined this week with a bit of illness (perhaps you noticed my absence). But, I'm healthy once more and happy to welcome visitors to our apartment.

I wish you could attend our holiday party because I'd love to share some cookies, some 'nog, and some yuletide cheer with you. 
The merriest and happiest to you all.


  1. Glad you are feeling better...have fun this weekend!! Take care, Caroline

  2. Sorry to hear you were sick, but so glad you're on the mend. And just in time for your party. I wish I could join you in a glass of nog!! What fun you'll have. We're hosting our supper club tonight, and I need to finish straightening, cleaning, etc.

    Have a great party and share photos!

  3. So fun! Don't you just love paperless post?! Merry Christmas, Ashley!


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