Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Craft #3: Foil Christmas Light Liners

I think I've already mentioned just how much I'm digging our Christmas tree this year, but allow me to mention it again. In addition to the toadstool ornaments that adorn the tannenbaum, I wanted to add a bit more sparkle to the tree.
And, even though we're just days away from the holiday, there's always time for a quick craft, am I right?

That's when I happened upon this tutorial for "twinkle lights" made with silver foil cupcake or candy cups.
(via Family Fun)
To create your very own foil star Christmas lights, you'll need:
1. Christmas lights
2. metallic foil cupcake or candy cups (I used these from Wilton, which were less than $2 at the grocery store)
3. scissors

Want to create your own?

Step #1:
Take your foil cup and flatten it. 
Then, fold the flattened foil up into eighths (so, fold in half, then in half again, and half again once more).
Step #2:
Now, you will star shaping your folded foil cups into stars. Cut off two corners so that they form a triangle, and then cut off the tip of the point (this is where the Christmas light will fit). Repeat for as many foil stars as you would like to make. Don't worry: this goes very quickly!
Step #3:
Hang your lights and, once in the tree, on the mantle or banister, slide the foil star onto each bulb so that it rests on the base of the bulb. No need for tape, glue or any adhesive.
I did not to make a foil star for each light on the strand, but chose to scatter them around the tree in a random sort of way.
The silver stars certainly add a bit more sparkle and reflective light from afar...
...and up close:
With just a detailed touch, standard Christmas lights become all the more special and festive.

Want even more foil-y Christmas inspiration?
Check out this similar-but-colorful version of the foil garland from the Martha Stewart team:
(via Martha Stewart)
Happy crafting!

P.S. Head over to Camille's blog The Vintique Object, where my custom tissue box cover inspired a post on your craziest design obsessions. Be sure to check it out!


  1. This is so great! Love the red and pink version, too (oh, Martha!). Maybe I'll do one for Valentine's Day!

  2. ok seriously you have the best christmas crafts this year! I wish I had more time to make this! Hmmm, I'll be saving this idea for next year!!

  3. Brilliant! I love how they give the tree a vintage vibe.

  4. You always do the coolest ever projects. Pinning this one.

  5. Love these foil star light decorations!


  6. You can never have too much glimmer on your Christmas tree! Such a cute project, Ashley!

  7. awesome, I Love it! I wish I had finished my gifts and had time to make this for my parents.

    Happy Holidays, Ashley!

  8. Love this idea! I need to file it away for next year. Hope you have a lovely new year.


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