Monday, January 23, 2012

You Better Shop Around

Thrift store shopping didn't yield a new piece for my living room this weekend, but I did do a little online window shopping and I realized something: as the song goes, you better shop around (oh yeah, you better shop around). 

Sure, it can be easy to just snatch up something you love without doing due diligence to see if you're really getting the best deal, but I'll show that mucho dinero can be saved with a little patience and internet investigation.
Perhaps I'll save you some cash today...

Crazy for a glassy architectural coffee table, like me?

The steal: Almar coffee table, $730
The splurge: Origami coffee table, $1,298
(a difference of $500+!)

Desiring a gorgeous leather mirror in which to admire your beauty?

The steal: Hanging circle mirror, $410
The splurge: Captain mirror, $1,200-$1,600
(a difference of $800-$1,200+!)

Need an African-inspired table that doubles as seating in a pinch?

The steal: Carved wood side table, $200
The splurge: Village table, $575
(a difference of $375!)

Looking for a woven basket to help organize your stuff?

The steal: Rectangle basket, $40
The splurge: All-in-one organizer basket, $70
(a difference of $30!)

Desperate for a little porcelain light in your life?

The steal: Bone china table lamp, $195
The splurge: Hector table lamp, $225
(a difference of $30!)

What do you think of these steals?
How much have I saved you?
(and, lest you think I got all "spendy" on you, many of these items are relative steals--I'm a bargain hunter, through and through)


  1. I love me a bargain and I'm always working on the look for less! Great finds,Ashley!

  2. I'm working on a friends house and was looking at that wood table...I pinned the West Elm one and then found this at World Market...
    It's funny how some things don't seem to be "original" designs anymore...

  3. The coffee table is beautiful (can you imagine it in a brass finish?!) and a huge steal. Great finds!

  4. I love these kind of posts! I was going to mention the World Market African stool too - it's just a little cheaper on sale, I think, but not much. Oh, and I love that round mirror look and know I've seen someone "hack" that Grundtal IKEA mirror into something similar. Good sleuthing!

  5. Ladies, great suggestion of the WM stool...I hadn't seen that one!

  6. Great finds! I agree, you better shop around :)

  7. I'll take one of each, please. Love every single thing you chose to feature.

  8. What a fun post! You can also get the African side tables at Cost Plus for $125.

  9. Wow, I really like that coffee table!! Great find!

  10. I love the coffee table and especially the mirror. Of all of them, I think the mirror is the only piece where I like the more expensive piece better, not that I would spend that much on one...


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