Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shopping in Portland, ME: Anniebells

(via Anniebells)

The "Old Port" area of Portland, Maine is offers a decidedly hip selection of stores and restaurants that one might not initially expect from the state. During previous outings in the city, I've stopped into Blanche and Mimi and Folly 101, two local shops that offer a truly beautiful selection of home goods. Last Friday, I wandered into a new store, Anniebells, which opened in late May and promises to put Portland on the map as a place filled with design-minded shopping.

Mom and I walked in, and I instantly knew I couldn't leave without pictures for you all. 
How beautiful (and patriotic) is this collection of red, white and blue pillows and wool blankets?
 Anniebells had an extensive stock of Fog Linen textiles--everything from coasters, napkins, table runners and tablecloths--in a bevy of patterns. Which do you prefer: the gingham or stripe option?
 This spool chair greeted all who entered the boutique. 
I was pretty crazy about the mix of blue patterns happening on this armchair.
 The color blue was a recurrent theme in the shop because just a few steps from the spool chair sat this suspended daybed that proudly displayed azure textiles from Roberta Roller Rabbit (like my bedroom!)
 Need more textiles? How about a whole bed filled with John Robshaw and Matouk bedding?
 Textiles weren't the only treasures available at Anniebells. 
A wide selection of Astier de Villatte porcelain incited many 'oohs and ahhs' from me. 
 Last but not least: a small adjacent room that served as a 'garden room' of sorts where pre-potted topiaries and terrariums could be purchased. While the plants were particularly pretty, I couldn't tear my eyes from the potting sink that was both utilitarian and visually captivating.

Have I sold you yet on this shop?
I want to be clear that I receive no compensation to highlight this store; I just believe it's a beautiful boutique that deserves to be shared and shopped!
For more details on the boutique, be sure to check out the Anniebells Facebook page.

100 Commercial Street
Portland, Maine 04101
T: (207) 775-9099


  1. Oh, those textiles are to die for!! So jealous. Love me some Roberta Roller Rabbit! Have fun!

  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  3. I love shopping in Portland! Haven't been there in ages. Thanks for the inspiration!


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