Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decking Our Halls for Christmas

wreath in the snow_via Meet Me in Philadelphia
In the past three days, it has snowed twice (!). The freshly-fallen snow has created an ideal backdrop for pictures I've been intending to take and share of our holiday decorations. These pictures are so special, because they represent the first Christmas we're celebrating in our house.

I'm so excited to share them with you!

I kept our outdoor decorations simple, relying on boxwood garlands, wreaths and a pair of rounded boxwoods to imbue our front door with the holiday spirit.
front door decorated for christmas via Meet Me in Philadelphia
A few sprigs of winterberry (from Trader Joe's) and simple ornaments livened up the $10 boxwood wreath (also from Trader Joe's) I have hanging on our front door. 
But let's go inside, shall we?
wreath detail via Meet Me in Philadelphia
Our foyer is decked out in white and green, and a white side table has proven to be the perfect base for a burlap-wrapped poinsettia.
stairs garland and white poinsettia via Meet Me in Philadelphia
In the living room, the natural greenery takes center stage. Given that our tufted sofa and blue club chairs need new upholstery, I knew I had to go with a silver-and-gold color palette this Christmas to coordinate with the unintentional pink and blue color scheme going on...

I also sprung for the Christmas tree basket from Terrain that everyone and their uncle is obsessed with...yeah, I'm on the tree-in-a-basket bandwagon and I'm never getting off of it.
christmas tree in living room via Meet Me in Philadelphia
christmas tree and basket via Meet Me in Philadelphia
ornament details via Meet Me in Philadelphia
I found this floral metal candelabra at Folly 101 in Portland, Maine and will have a tough time packing it up when the holiday decorations come down in January. 
candelabra on coffee table via Meet Me in Philadelphia
holiday accents via Meet Me in Philadelphia
White pine garlands beckon visitors from our foyer to our living room and onto our dining room.
holiday living room via Meet Me in Philadelphia
pine garland around doorway via Meet Me in Philadelphia
(all via Meet Me in Philadelphia)

The natural touches, along with the silver and gold accents, make me love our house even more than ever. And it feels so special to celebrate the season for the first time in a place we love so much. I can't wait to show off our house to family and friends over the next few weeks!

Are your halls decked for the holidays? Do you change your holiday color palette from year-to-year like me? How did you commemorate the first year in your home?


  1. Beautiful Ashley!! I LOVE your christmas tree and the basket is so worth the splurge! Your home looks beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh, this is all so beautiful!!! Such a lovey place to celebrate the holidays, especially for your first Christmas in your new house. I bought that same wreath from TJs, but your's is looking much more festive!

  3. Oh so pretty, Ashley. Truly lovely. And I share your love of boxwood - I get boxwood wreaths every year. Classic. And your poinsettia in white burlap looks so fresh (what a great take on all the brown burlap out there). Your family and friends will be thrilled to come visit your house this Christmas! Enjoy the holidays!!!

  4. It looks lovely! I purchased the same tree basket on cyber monday! I don't have it set up yet, but it's fun seeing it in another house! Garland and natural touches are the way to go in my opinion. You've done a beautiful job.

    1. I'm sure you'll love your basket just like I do!

  5. This is stunning Ashley!!! I have been wanting the that basket collar. Maybe next year! Love every last detail, but my favorite may be the table, chair, lamp vignette. I want it all!!!! Well done!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! It means a lot coming from you!

  6. I love all of the green!! I skimped on decorations this year since we are traveling but I can't wait to have a house to decorate in a few years :)

  7. Absolutely perfect Ashley! Fresh evergreens will always be my favorite Christmas decoration. Just lovely!

  8. You have done such a lovely job. And what a special time the first christmas in your new home is. We moved into our house on Christmas Eve eight years ago. (wow, it doesn't seem that long ago).

  9. Dear Ashley,
    Your holiday decor is so beautiful and thoughtful. From the gracious touches outside to the gorgeous tree, I loved this tour. And now I want that candelabra - thanks for sourcing it. Have a wonderful first Christmas at home!!
    Warm greetings,

    1. Thank you, thank you, Loi! The next time you are in the Portland area, I suggest stopping by Folly 101--they are stocked with the cutest little household products and I never leave empty-handed.

  10. So lovely, the rooms looks ready for the Holidays!!!

  11. Your home is lovely, Ashley! It's so understated and classic. Perfect backdrop for your holiday decorations. Hope your'e enjoying your first Christmas in your home!

  12. gorgeous! I love all the greenery everywhere!

  13. It all looks gorgeous! I think I need that basket as well!

  14. Gorgeous….gorgeous! Love how simple it is…just greenery. So perfect.

  15. Ashley,
    With or without the holiday greens, your house is gorgeous! I love your style! Kinda loving your tree in a basket...may have to join you on that one next year! Simply beautiful!!

    1. Thank you so much, Annie! We love our new (well, it's almost been a year that we've lived here...does that still count as new?) house and I really appreciate the kind words!

  16. It's so natural and festive! I love it!

  17. Stunning, Ashley! Just stunning. That last photo is like something from Martha Stewart.

    Gosh, I adore your bright, white walls. I would be equally in love with your house if I lived there.


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