Monday, January 24, 2011

NYC's Antiques Garage

I mentioned on Friday that Adam and I were heading to New York to stay with friends and celebrate another's birthday, and we certainly had fun! Tomorrow I'll share more about how I spent Saturday, but for now I'll be recapping our Sunday morning visit to The Antiques Garage in Chelsea.

By no means the first visitors, Adam and I walked leisurely through the indoor flea market (located in what we estimated was a parking garage) at about 10:30. Quickly I knew what the market's strongest offerings were: the fabulous vintage artwork!
Check it out:

A vivid illustration of soldiers, $58 I recall:
This painting will always be remembered as "the one that got away" because I couldn't determine its price or its seller...imagine my annoyance!
Wouldn't it have looked lovely in my den!?

And just to round out a great weekend, we stopped by Wogies on Greenwich & Charles for a cheesesteak before heading back to the city that made this its signature cuisine.
I can tell what Adam's thinking here: "Just 20-something days 'til pitchers report to Spring Training." Ha!
Hope you all had as great a weekend as we did!
More on NYC tomorrow!


  1. Ashley, it sounds like a fantastic w/e! So envious! I would've love to have snatched a couple of those pieces of artwork!!

  2. Ashley, so happy to find your site!! Wonderful works of art!! It looks like such a great time!

    to brighten your day....

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    Art by Karena

  3. Great vintage art pieces! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

  4. Sounds like fun! I love a good day spent thrifting!

  5. So you didn't buy anything?? I've been slowly adding to my art collection. It's fun but also a definitely something I could learn more about.

  6. Alas, Naomi, I did not have the patience and the physical fortitude to deal with the freezing temps on Sunday...I'm still totally bummed about the waves painting (ugh!).


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