Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Tour of My Neighborhood

On Sunday, after our early-morning auction visit (more about that tomorrow), Adam and I took a stroll around our lovely Philly neighborhood. 

Something about the abundant sunshine and blooming flowers inspired me to snap some photos for those of you who have never visited this historic city. 
 This corner requires friendly neighbors:
 I met a friend who insisted he be included in this photo montage:
 Is this Philadelphia or some European city?
 Lush and colorful tulips, oh my!
 Some beautiful details in fencing, windows, and doors:
Walks, like the one Adam and I took on Sunday, remind me why I love this little corner of the City of Brotherly Love. 
Ain't Philly great?


  1. Awe your neighborhood IS pretty. I'm never down there anymore. I spent Sunday shopping in Rittenhouse... it was a little windy but good deals were to be had.

    Hope the auction went well!

  2. Your neighborhood is so far ahead of Brooklyn, flower-wise. That tulip bed is AMAZING!

  3. Ashley, I think we may be neighbors! I live in Queen Village.

    By the way, I have c0-founded a Blogstress group called The Blogstress Network and we meet for coffee or cocktails every 3rd Thursday in Philly. Tomorrow (April 21) we're meeting at 1:00 p.m. at Cafe Fulya on 2nd Street. Perhaps you'd like to join us? You can find out more at


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