Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sale at Kathryn M. Ireland!

Have you been watching Bravo's "Million Dollar Decorators"? Admittedly, I have not, but I have been enjoying other bloggers' recaps of past episodes, including the wacky happenings of designer Kathryn M. Ireland.

If you're a fan of Kathryn M. Ireland's worldly aesthetic, be sure to check out her online shop, which is now featuring an extensive selection of summer sale products

Check out some of my favorite picks:
("Papoose Sanibel Red on White" fabric, marked down to $25/yard)
("Papoose Sanibel Green on White" pillow, now $90)
("Sanibel Green Stripe" fabric, now $25/yard)
("Toile Silvertree" fabric, on sale for $45)

For more sale options, scoot over to Ireland's online shop here.

And, before you jump all over me, sure, these prices aren't bargain basement prices, but they are better than the original prices! 
Happy shopping, friends.


  1. These prices are amazing. Thanks for sharing!! They are just what I needed to finish off my dining room chairs.

  2. Very cool!! I've enjoyed watching her on Bravo!!! She's a hoot!


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