Monday, August 1, 2011

One Chic Table and Two To-Become-Chic Tables

This weekend, Adam and I headed to Connecticut to spend some time with my parents and, like many weekends before this one, Mom and I took the time to work together on a project. I queried my mom a few weeks ago if she thought she could whip up a tailored skirted table for a credenza in our guest bedroom and, boy, did she ever!

Take a look:
Tres chic, no? 

The credenza is a piece we inherited from Adam's grandparents when they passed away. We love it, but we'd eventually like to have its oak finish refinished to a darker hue. Until we're able to chock up the cash to do so, I thought a clean skirted table would be an easy solution.

Here's a close-up shot of the neutral fabric we used:
 Could you guess that it was drop cloth? 
Mom picked up 2 6'x9' drop cloths at Home Depot for $9, significantly less than price-per-yard cost of similar cotton duck.  For reference, the credenza we were covering was about 41" long, 33" tall and 21" deep. 

With the drop cloth washed (to remove stiffness) and ironed, we began cutting our pieces. We planned to use 2 pieces (one panel to wrap around the back and two sides and one panel to cover the top and front).
 Mom began the sewing. We cut the two panels so that we could reuse the hemmed edge of the drop cloth (also an advantage over other cut fabric). She proceeded to hem any unfinished edge and then sewed together the 2 panels. 
 And, voila! Done.
I'll probably be adding a ribbon trim to the front and side panels for a pop of color.
Some of the items taking up residence here:

Now, the title of this post refers to two to-become-chic tables. This weekend was a good one for secondhand finds in CT. 

I finally solved the bedside table quandry in my guest bedroom with these nesting tables, which will be receiving a spruce-up this week:
 And, for free (yes, free!) I found this barcart on Craigslist in CT. Clearly, it has seen much better days. 
It's going to be fantastic when it's done, just you wait....
 "Picture me rolling..."
What do you think of my chic and to-become-chic tables?

P.S. Happy August, everyone! Where has the time gone??


  1. Great stuff! The table skirt looks great!

  2. I just DIED over your mushroom prints. I don't know why I love mushrooms (the fungi kind, not the drug), but I do!

  3. Thanks, Evie! For more on them, check out this post:

  4. Ashley - it all looks amazing! I love the skirted console. You're very lucky to have a mom who can help out with that type of stuff! Fantastic finds and free - ooh, lucky! Can't wait to see the afters.

  5. I've always wanted to have a tailored table cover like yours -- but I need the table first!
    Looking forward to seeing what magic you work on the the other tables.

  6. Break yo self foo! You are on a Sewing roll! Good finds you is got there.

  7. First of all, yay Mom for that fantastic table skirt! And, you are a girl after my heart with the tables. A free cart? Not fair.

  8. I think its all fantabulous! I'm especially keen on the end tables, as I adore all things bamboo recently. But I can't quibble with a free bar cart either. score.

  9. Love the skirted table...I am thinking about doing something similar with a dining room credenza that i want to cover up for the time being...wish I could sew!! Those are some great finds the nesting tables! Happy Monday! Caroline

  10. Love the skirt, it looks so sophisticated!
    Can't wait to see what you do with those to-be-chic tables.

  11. Love it all Ashley! The skirted table is so chic and with that lamp! Those nesting tables are amazing and the bar cart on wheels, well it doesn't get much better. I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  12. Great finds. I haven't been out to the thrift stores lately, I'm feeling the need right about now.

  13. HEY-0... nesting tables! I'm a bit of a faux bamboo freak. These are awesome!! How on earth did you get them for free!? Lucky YOU!


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