Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Marblelous Elements Around the Apartment

Monday's post focused on the trending of all things marbleized and marble-printed. I had two to-dos in the works this week that were inspired by this trend and I'm only getting around to sharing...

Marble-themed Project #1: marbelized cotton fabric table runner
On Saturday, I picked up this green and black printed cotton from Joann Fabrics that resembled hand-marbled paper. In case you missed it, this fabric was on sale for only $6.99! Naturally, I bought all that they had (the remainder of the bolt) and quickly began devising a project for this on-trend fabric.

Why not a runner for my green kitchen? That is just what I set out to make.

I won't bore you with the sewing details (it was really straightforward, and involved little more than me hemming all 3 yards of the fabric around all 4 edges of the fabric). Instead, I'll just direct your attention to the final results, which speak for themselves:
The black kitchen table and chairs needed some color to balance with the green elsewhere in the room, and I think the runner accomplishes just that--a much needed dose of color!
A detailed shot of the fabric:
The print is reading more teal in the photos, but the color is really a rich, multi-toned green. I couldn't be happier to say that I made this marble-print runner myself!

Marble-themed Project #2: marbelized paper drawer liners
The drawers of the grass-green sideboard in my kitchen had been ignored for nearly 7 months before I got around to jazzing them up this week. As a fun departure from standard rolls of scented drawer liners, I thought a few rolls of marbleized bookbinding paper would offer a nice, unique touch.

The before: no muss, no fuss, clearly.
 Each of the four drawers of the sideboard were removed. I set up myself on the floor and used a few pieces of brown kraft paper to fashion templates for the liner of each drawer. Templates are definitely the way to go--they allow you to get the sizing perfect before you start cutting. This way, you won't accidentally waste pretty paper if you misjudge the size of the drawer paper needed.
 After I traced out the liner for each drawer and cut each to fit, the paper was placed in the drawers and secured with double-sided tape. It was that easy! I chose to use tape rather than glue so that I have the option to change out the liners whenever I feel the urge.
 Once each drawer was lined and back in their rightful place, I can continue enjoy this view every time I open them.

The after:
It's the little touches that make all the difference, isn't it?

Based on your comments to Monday's post, I'm dying to see the marble elements that you've recently introduced into your homes...please be sure to share, Kim and Kathy!


  1. I love the drawer liner-- I may try something like this in our kitchen...and the table runner fabric is perfect for that space...really ties everything in nicely! Take care, Caroline

  2. I recently saw the article in elle decor that marbleizing was the new big thing...I wasn't sure about it until I saw your drawer it! So fun.

  3. I love the liner and the table runner. Fantastic colors for the room. About six months ago I saw a pair of marblized lamps at a thrift store. I really wanted them but I'd turned it to a bit of a hoarder so I passed them up. And now I'm still thinking about them. Bummer.

  4. looks great! when you get sick of it, you can turn the runner into roman shades...

  5. Your apartment is looking great! I love those liners!

  6. cute! where did you get the dining table & chairs? i've been looking for those exact chairs for ages... thx!


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