Friday, August 31, 2012

Guest Bloggers: Camille of The Vintique Object

Hello readers of Meet Me in Philadelphia!  I'm Camille from the Vintique Object and am so pleased to be here today.  I admire Ashley for everything I am not, decorating-wise.  Her fearless use of color (I'm a neutral nelly), her ability to pick and mix amazing patterns, and her can-do DIY attitude. 

My post today might seem strange to you because you'll notice it has not much to do with September or fall, but I hope it will make sense to you when you start to read!
This is the only bathroom in our 1920s rental duplex in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It serves our family of four well though, as we have three year-old twin girls who don't need a ton of bathroom time -- yet.
When fall rolls around, the first thing I start to think about is our upcoming influx of guests.  With my girls' birthday, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas, we have a constant stream of visitors in and out of our house.  Hanging towels for all of those people becomes a bit of a challenge when you only have three towel bars.
Until I spotted these in the kitchen department at Ikea the other day.  They're large stainless steel s-hooks and can be used in damp areas. 
Hang them over one towel bar and suddenly you've tripled your towel hanging space without wielding a drill.  And the best part is that it's all reversible. 
So what inspires me this autumn is anything I can do to make a tad more room for our guests.  Hoping this tip will help you when comes time to welcome visitors to your home, whether you have one bathroom or three!


  1. Very smart idea Camille! Have a great weekend ladies!

  2. Great idea Camille! I am going to need this in a few years when all three kids are sharing one tiny bathroom and fighting over storage space. So clever!


  3. I love the idea of the hooks....That additional bathroom time for the girls will be coming very soon!


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