Monday, November 19, 2012

Under-the-Stairs Built-in Storage Revealed!
Just in time for Thanksgiving, I'm happy to reveal our new under-the-staircase built-in storage!

If you're a new reader or may have forgotten, here's what the space under the stairs in our den looked like before.  As you can see, it was one big void...just wasted, unused space.
Like everyone else, my husband and I needed some additional storage in our apartment. 
We emailed our landlord over the summer, and he permitted us to make several permanent changes to our apartment, including turning the space under the stairs into a 3-door built-in storage cabinet. Our landlord even offered to pay for materials!

We completed the project on Saturday with guidance and major help from my father-in-law, Ed. He lead the way, beginning by framing the "void" out with 2' x 4' studs so that the finished cabinetry would be flush with the stairs.
Ed suggested we buy cabinet-grade plywood for the cabinet doors and spaces between the doors--this was a great recommendation, as it was easy to cut and to paint without any grain being visible. I didn't want any conspicuous hinges on the cabinet doors, so we opted for these hidden surface-mount hinges that were sold as a pair.
Our downstairs is open, and I wanted the hardware finish to be consistent across the den and kitchen (which are basically open to each other), so I went with these clean stainless steel handles that mimic our kitchen cabinet hardware.
I completed the pre-painting prep by puttying nails and caulking. Then, I got to work painting!
Isn't it wonderful how a coat of white paint can make everything better?

I'm so happy with the end results of our work this weekend, and I hope you'll agree that the storage is much better looking and much more practical than a gaping hole under the stairs!
(all images via Meet Me in Philadelphia)

I'm so glad to have this project completed because even though I'm good at minimizing the amount of stuff that comes into our apartment, somehow the stuff creeps in. What do you think?


  1. Wonderful! Great use of space and it give the room instant charm! Love it,

  2. I love great use of space is very beatifull chair!!!

  3. Looks great! We have 2 storage closets in my apartment and without them, I'd be lost. They may collect junk sometimes but they also hide it! ;)

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  4. Okay, these are so cool and look amazing! Your landlord should pay you for the upgrades to this space. Seriously.

  5. Looks amazing! What a great improvement. And more storage is always such a plus.

  6. I think you all did an outstanding job. Love the hardware you picked, too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, AShley!

  7. So awesome! I want to see the inside, too. Did you put up shelves, or leave it open to be able to store bigger things?

  8. looks so great!!! Your landlord must be so happy to have you guys.

  9. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! Julie--I'll take some pictures with doors open. Inside the cabinet is wide open--no shelves--so that we can store luggage and extra large items.

  10. This looks awesome! What a huge improvement!!

  11. Dude! Amazing. Love it. So cute!

  12. Eek! AMAZING. What a talent the three of you are together. I would LOVE to have that much storage in my house. :)

  13. So smart and well designed.

    Love your spotted stools, too.

  14. Clever and beautiful! That space is just perfect now--it feels so finished and lovely.


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