Wednesday, September 14, 2011

3-2-1 Contact [Paper]

*kudos to you if you remember the geeky PBS show 3-2-1 Contact*

Do you ever start an internet search looking for something that would make you really embarrassed to share with others? No, I'm not talking about weird physical deformities or the home address of your favorite "Glee" cast member (you should be embarrassed about that). I'm talking about really embarrassing contact paper.

I spent nearly 2 hours yesterday searching for snakeskin contact paper, and let's just say it's not how I intended to spent my afternoon. Here's how it all started [cue the standard 'dream montage' music from your favorite sitcom]: 

I was minding my own business checking out Jenny's latest post, when I saw a "you might also like" post about this blogger's dining room. What caught my eye was this bar which was geniusly covered in contact paper.
Who knew contact paper could be so chic!?!
During my search, I turned up this fabulous snakeskin table that's daring to be recreated with some contact paper:
(via Shelter)

or how about trying your hand at this snakeskin coffee table with some contact paper?
(Ann Coyle's snakeskin coffee table via Stylebeat)

If you don't believe that a search for contact paper was worth 2 hours of my time, let me prove my point with this photo:
(Snakeskin contact paper via Classic Wallcoverings)

Ain't it gorgeous? I just wish it was cheaper...
Now my mind is reeling with pieces to be swathed in contact paper, such as
(the Preston Media Console from West Elm)

or how about these pieces that I already own:
What do you think: can contact paper (especially in a faux snakeskin) be chic?
Would you try a contact paper project?


  1. Absolutely!! I say snakeskin, grasscloth or even burlap w/nailheads!! All so v. chic!!

  2. Love the snakeskin. I've been a little wary of putting any on my furniture because my little one is scared to death of snakes. I've actually searched for contact paper online before, so you're not alone. I think it can totally update a piece and make it chic. If you think finding snakeskin contact paper is hard, try looking for shagreen. I LOVE that look but can't afford the real deal. Please don't paper over that beautiful orangey-red campaign chest. Maybe the shelves (very ambitious) or a side table?

    Thanks for your sweet comment. Sorry I've been MIA from blog commenting. Hopefully, I'm back on track now.

    1. Did you find Shagreen contact paper? Would love to know the source.

    2. Hi Toni,

      I don't think I was able to find shagreen-print contact paper. What I've seen ( is that you can glue shagreen textured faux leather over the furniture piece of your choice. Good luck! Sorry not be more helpful!


  3. I loved Jenny's post on contact paper, too, have been thinking about diagonal stripes or diamonds added to my coffee table. I'm not sure I'll go through with it, but it's such a fun idea!

  4. If you contact paper that entire expedit I will throw you a party.

  5. Fabulous find! It's VERY chic! Love it!

  6. Ashley I love the snakeskin and would definitely try something out that looks that good!


    Art by Karena

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  7. I don't think I would. But they do look great!

  8. I'm definitely not patient enough, but the snakeskin would be wonderful!

  9. I did that exact same search one day! I came to the conclusion that if I was going to do it I would try snakeskin wrapping paper with some spray adhesive and then a protective coat- like laquer spraypaint. Maybe thats something to keep in mind?

  10. Contact paper is so affordable that even if you didn't like the way it turned out you wouldn't be our much. Go for it!

  11. I actually did a search a week or so ago on contact paper too:) glad you did this post! I am contemplating it for a metal filing cabinet we have...I may try the snakeskin look. But I am the worst DIY'r so we will see!! Take care, Caroline

  12. Ug, I totally feel your pain b/c I've so been there. I'm trying to do a similar project with a coffee table right now and am waiting on swatches from these two sites (both are backordered):

    I'd love to know if you go ahead with this b/c I'm trying to figure out a way to make the seems in between the contact paper not visible. Fortunately, we're using a $20 coffee table, so if it doesn't look as good as I hope, we can easily scrap the idea. Good luck!!

  13. Yes, but don't cover that metal locker with it. It's too cool as is.


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