Monday, September 12, 2011

Finds from This Weekend's Flea

Saturday's trip to the flea market here in Philly was a productive one, and let me show you my finds!
I walked away with this emerald-enamel Reed & Barton silver bowl for $2. 
It will be a smart looking candy dish (as soon as I get some candy up in here!):
this hand blown glass decanter for $15:
I also bought a beautiful framed floral poster that I'm going to work some magic on, and want to keep it a secret before it's finished. Expect updates on it posthaste!
What do you think of my finds?
Have you found any great thrifty items recently?


  1. Love that bowl...with the touch of emerald!! Take care, Caroline

  2. Great finds! Love both the bowl and decanter! So, all I can think of now is you have the finds to make a chic bar cart!!

  3. Fran, as a matter of fact, I'm working on a bar cart! Hopefully it will be chic (fingers crossed!).

  4. You flea-marketed without me! Sad face. It's been forever, let's seriously try for something soon.

  5. Wonderful stuff, Ashley! You've piqued my interest about what this project could be. Can't wait...


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