Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chi-Town Recommendations Wanted!

At the end of this week, Adam and I will be heading to Chicago to enjoy a quick-but-fun first wedding anniversary celebration. I'm somewhat embarrassed to say this, but I've never been to Chicago before and everything I know about the city comes from Oprah and John Hughes movies (seriously).
So, I turn to you all.

What are some must-do activities in Chicago?
We're staying in Lincoln Park and I'm looking forward to sharing details of our trip next week.

Got a favorite Chicago place to visit?
I'd love to fit in a design-related spot or two, too!


  1. My parent's were just there last week. They went to The Purple Pig and absolutely loved it. My mom even asked if she could take a copy of the menu home so she could re-create a few dishes!

    Happy travels!

  2. The Purple Pig is great! A fun store that you may like is called Posh. Its not too far from the Purple Pig. Its like Anthropologie meets Paris flea market.
    Another shop in Lincoln Park/ Old Town is the Spice House. Whenever I have out of town guests they want to stop there to stock up on Lake Shore Drive Seasoning and Chicago pizza spices. It looks like an Old Fashioned apothocary and they mix these great spice blends that reflect different Chicago neighborhoods. Great for gifts.
    Definitely walk down to Lincoln Park, check out the lake, zoo, and Farmer's Market (on Saturday). Downtown is going to be awful this weekend with the NATO conference. The Art Institute will be closed all weekend. Millennium Park is worth checking out but a lot of streets will be blocked off around that area. The Cubs are playing the Sox this weekend = crazy times in Wrigleyville (around the stadium). Its a fun rivalry.

  3. oh, I almost forgot. Jayson Home and Garden in Lincoln Park is awesome. Very expensive but really cool.


  4. Chicago river architecture boat tours are very good

  5. Agreed with above - Lincoln Park Zoo is great and FREE! Spice House is amazing as well.

    Foursided has a lot of great, local goodies as well - picked up a bunch of stuff the last time I was in Chicago, including a vintage compass for my boyfriend:

    Not sure if you will be there on a Sunday, but if so, this is also great:

  6. Well, my Chicago knowledge is about expansive as yours! I hope you get some good recs and have an amazing weekend!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I see you have a picture of deep dish pizza posted. Our favorite is Lou Malnati's; Uno's is a close second. Also, the river architectural tours are really great too. This company does the best job mixing city history and architectural knowledge: http://www.chicagoline.com/. A walk along the lakeshore is also really lovely. Have fun!


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