Monday, May 7, 2012

Black in the Bathroom

On Friday, I felt a rush of inspiration from this dashing dining room with its bold black ceiling and lantern.
Adding black to a room, even to often-ignored element like a ceiling, may seem like something only Lydia Deetz would do but...
...I decided to go for it.
If it's good enough for Lydia, it's good enough for me.

I wanted to paint the tiniest ceiling in my apartment black, specifically my bathroom. I've adding several black and white elements to my bathroom in the last few months, including my custom monogrammed shower curtain and custom fabric-covered tissue box, so the ceiling felt like a nice complement.
Around lunchtime on Friday, I began to paint.
I chose "Francesca" from Martha Stewart for Home Depot paint and taped off the ceiling's edge quickly.
Three coats was all it took to get an even finish and a whole new look for the tiny space.
That's when I installed a pretty new fixture over a flushmount bulb in the ceiling (Ikea's Vate ceiling lamp).
Though paper, the Vate fixture felt much more substantial and permanent, as well as being reminiscent of the lantern used in the inspiration photo.

Now, the whole bathroom feels more snazzy. Check it out:
In a rental bathroom with no special details (like mine), a black ceiling adds some visual interest. 
I couldn't be happier with a little black in the bathroom.


  1. Nice!!!
    Black takes courage. Love it on that ceiling.


  2. You've definitely upped the snazzy factor in there. How are your arms and neck feeling today?

  3. Kim--fortunately the painting went quickly so I wasn't sore at all afterwards!

  4. It looks so awesome!! I absolutely love it. Was it hard to do? you're motivating me to do some more DIY.

  5. I love black too..... especially high gloss on doors. Good job on your project. Love your special touches.

  6. Ooooh! That came out awesome! What a dramatic statement!

  7. Looks great, Ashley!! A great touch that adds so much to your bathroom!

  8. I love that you just took this idea and ran with it. Amazing job. The space is so sophisticated now!


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