Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"It's a Bit Too Busy All Together for Me"

Perusing the first round of blog postings this morning, I came upon this beautiful image, courtesy of Little Green Notebook, that I absolutely love.

This living room is layered, fun, warm, and quirky--all adjectives I'd like visitors to use when they arrive at our apartment. What's more, this space is made cozy by the use of varied prints and colors. This, my friends, is what I'd like to create.

However, when I shared this little gem with Adam, he responded, "I could see [how you'd like it]. It's a bit too busy all together for me, but I like most of the things in it." Ah, in addition to the challenge of recreating this look, I've also got to persuade Adam into loving this look as much as I do. Let's see how this one plays out...

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