Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Start a Revolution

Have you all seen the new show from hot Brit chef Jamie Oliver? Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution airs on ABC on Fridays at 9PM. Adam and I have really taken to it, so much so that we have been sincerely reconsidering our processed food habits.

The premise of the show, for those who haven't seen it, is that Jamie arrives in "America's Unhealthiest City," Huntington, WV to start a "food revolution." He is allowed to begin in one elementary school and, after an initial survey, realizes that the children of Huntington are learning dangerous eating habits in school, as well as at home.

There is the requisite amount of drama, especially as Jamie begins to take over the food preparation for the elementary school. This doesn't sit well with the career lunch-ladies who, lead by tiger-lady Alice, don't really see the problem with feeding children pizza, fries, and chicken nuggets daily. Jamie also receives similar push-back from Rod, the local deejay, who condemns the Brit for coming in and thinking that "one person can change 50,000."

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In subsequent episodes, Jamie begins teaching the town healthier cooking habits and fosters a love for cooking in a core group of Huntington high school students.

Scripted and edited as it may be, I find Jamie Oliver and this endeavor appealing and powerful. When Adam and I watch, we find ourselves just a little less likely to snack.

Have you seen Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? What do you think?

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  1. I just watched an episode of this show a few nights ago -- such a cool idea! And Jamie is very charming...


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