Friday, April 30, 2010

TGIF, 4/30/10 Edition

This weekend we are heading to New York to visit friends and, I speak for Adam when I say, we are very excited. We don't get up to the city nearly as much as we'd like to, so this means that any visit is usually jam-packed with "to do's."

For one, we'll be heading to MOMA on Saturday. I can never get enough of that place.

I'm also hoping to scope out some finds at one of the various Housing Works stores throughout the city. If the online auctions are any indication, I'm thinking we will stumble upon some pretty great treasures. Here's some of what is currently being auctioned at Housing Works:

1. These INSANE chairs. I'm in love...head over heels:

2. These casually-worn in rugs. I'd take either:

3. This vibrant abstract piece:

(all images via Housing Works)

Happy weekend, readers! Hope that, wherever you are, you will be having as much fun as we will!

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