Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Report: Clover Market & Other Happenings

Adam and I spent a large part of this weekend driving around the lovely suburbs of Philadelphia. Saturday, we drove around aimlessly. We don't own a car, so when we can borrow one from his parents, it really feels like a treat.

On Sunday, however, we were much more focused. We headed to the suburbs once more for the opening day of Clover Market, held in the lovely Main Line town of Ardmore. All morning I got the sense that Adam was as excited about The Clover Market as I was. He kept saying to me, "I hope it's great." I do too, Adam. I do too.

We arrived at about noon, and apparently Philadelphia-native Patti LaBelle also made an appearance (sadly, we didn't see her). It was a treat to see so many people supporting a new idea like this. For more photos, check out the Clover Market blog.

Again, the weather agreed with us, and I found these lovelies:

The antique crock ($13) now sits proudly in our kitchen, holding our larger utensils while the planter ($10) will soon house a re-potted orchid. I also spoke with Molly Worth of Chairloom, and am hopeful to get moving on the loveseat reupholstery I wrote about here.

While in Ardmore, we drifted into the Junior League thrift store, where I scored a pastel plaid taffeta high-waisted full-length skirt ($10). A bit long for my 5'4" frame, I will likely chop this skirt to a flattering knee-length. It reminds me of sherbet and The Stepford Wives all rolled into one.

We made our way back to the city and rewarded ourselves with a little South Philadelphia present from Tony Luke ($8/each). All in all, a weekend full of Philly treasures (most of which cannot be found in your grocer's freezer).

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  1. Hi Ashley,

    So glad you stopped by the Clover Market and scored some good finds. And thanks for the mention on your blog! Hope you'll come back again for one of our other spring dates - we'll be back again on 4/25 with some new sellers and everyone returning is working on new merchandise. All the best,

    Janet Long


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