Monday, May 21, 2012

Visiting Chicago: The Hotel Lincoln

Last week, I mentioned that my husband Adam and I were taking a brief trip to Chicago to celebrate our first wedding anniversary a bit early (it's today, btw!). We left on Thursday and arrived back in Philadelphia last night, so it was a quick couple of days.

I'll highlight more of our trip this week, but I wanted to begin by spotlighting our hotel in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood called the Hotel Lincoln. It was a fun, quirky place that I found myself wanting to photograph and share with you all. 
Sneak a peek, won't you?
The lobby of any hotel provides guests with a first impression of their overall stay, and the lobby of the Hotel  Lincoln had a smart, curated look to it that I immediately appreciated.
There was an eye-catching gallery wall that greeted guests as they entered and drew attention to a second-floor study and computer area.
Just look at those light fixtures! And the patterned carpeting! 
It sure beat the hum-drum aesthetics in most hotels.

And our room--though on the small side--continued the attention to bold, vintage-inspired details.
Walls were covered in a cozy grasscloth and a bevy of fabrics (including tweed, cut velvet, and chevron wool carpeting) were modernly masculine. Our headboard was an interesting touch: it was a screenprint of an abstract portrait of Abe Lincoln on a large canvas curtain.
(all images via Meet Me in Philadelphia)

The Hotel Lincoln was pretty great all around. As someone who nearly obsesses over all things decor, I really appreciated staying in a boutique hotel that expressed a modern, hip identity...even if I was reminded of this "Portlandia" skit more than once:
(via YouTube)

And, on a related note, today is my first wedding anniversary! 
I cannot believe it's already been a year since I became a wife to my best friend.
The vows we shared were personal, heartfelt, and continue to guide our commitment to each other daily.
Adam, I love you with my whole heart and I feel so lucky to be your wife.

Happy Monday, all!


  1. I simply adore that stairwell! I have some friends with a stairwell much like that in their home - beyond fun!

  2. Happy anniversary, Ashley! Love the art wall - so dramatic with the red backdrop.

  3. What a cool place to stay!! I love it!!

  4. Happy anniversary to you! Peter and I were remembering over the weekend how one year ago, we were in Philly celebrating with you guys!

  5. Boutique hotels are one of the best sources of inspiration!
    Happy anniversary!

  6. I agree with Carrie!! Boutique hotels are such nice little escapes in the city :) My favorite is THE LONDON in NYC!! xoxo

  7. Happy Anniversary, Ashley! Has it already been a year? Seems like yesterday you got married! And, I agree boutique hotels are the way too go!! Hope you had a great time in Chicago.

  8. Happy Anniversary Ashley to you and your husband! Hotel Lincoln looks like the perfect getaway spot for your anniversary.

    I love staying at hip, modern boutique hotels. They are always such a fun experience. I try to hunt one out whenever we travel. I will have to keep this one in mind if we ever make it to Chicago.

  9. So sweet! Congrats again on your anniversary! And btw what a cool hotel. Almost too cool, you're right! That Portlandia skit is perfect ;-)

  10. What a fantastic hotel! I love all the details! Especially the personalized pillow!

    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary!


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