Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deborah Needleman in Martha Stewart Living

In honor of the impending release of her new book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well, former Domino editor-in-chief and current editor of the WSJ Magazine Deborah Needleman appears in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living. If you haven't yet grabbed a copy, be sure to pick one up and check out the lovely spread. Needleman provides a tour of her upstate New York country home as well as 11 tips for creating a chic-but-lived-in space.
Some of my favorite bits of advice from the article:

"Make places for drinks, books, and feet"
Home is about comfort and good design, and Needleman suggests decorating with those two objectives in mind.
The ottoman, below, is a prominent feature in the living room of her country home.
"Open storage can be liberating"
Chic baskets and hooks can elevate the look of your scarves, towels, and hats and need not be hidden, Needleman states. 
This photo reminds me I need baskets around here...
"Give some love to the guest room"
Though "no one expects Four Seasons service from you" says Needleman, it is important to consider the small details in the guest room, such as scented candles, a notepad, and a carafe of water.
"Furnish the bathroom"
In the article, Needleman urges us to warm up the bathroom with "a patinated piece or two" to "imbue it with the feeling of a well-lived life". Note to self: apply these tips to our bathroom STAT!
"Indulge in the bedroom"
Needleman is a big proponent of purchasing the best linens you can afford. While I can't splurge on Frette or D. Porthault linens (pictured), it's easy to add a touch of luxury with crisp and smooth sheets. After washing my sheets, I take about 10 minutes to iron my pillowcases and sheets before remaking the bed. It makes all the difference, I swear.
(all via Martha Stewart)

And on Monday, Kevin Sharkey (Martha's main decorating guy) featured a Q&A session with Deborah Needleman that touches on more of these tips, as well as the items on Deborah's decor wish-list. Be sure to check it out here.
(via Martha Stewart)

I don't know about you, but I cannot wait until Deborah Needleman's book is released on November 1st to get more tips from this stylish decorating expert.


  1. Such great tips! I've been thinking I need to start subscribing to MS Living - it seems to have lots of good stuff.

    I'm excited to see this book, too! I want nearly everything on the illustrated cover :)

  2. Can't wait too...looks awesome and inspiring! xx Danielle

  3. Julie--you really should subscribe. I really love it, and have started buying up old issues of MSL at thrift stores when I see them. Lots of inspiring projects and recipes.

  4. Loving all these images. That bathroom is amazing. Going to check out the book now!

  5. great post. I think I need subscribe too AND buy this book! Love the bit about a "patinated piece or two."

  6. Ashley, I love this post and the idea of a perfectly imperfect home! I'm adding the book to my list of design books to read. Latest issue of MSL is November or was this the October issue? If so, I somehow missed it.

  7. Duh. You said November. Sorry!

  8. these images are great! I love looking at design blogs because I am TERRIBLE at decorating. People say fashion goes hand in hand with design,but I really don't have an eye in design! haha so fun!

  9. I really love all these tips. Wish I was home right now because I feel like puttering around and rearranging/decorating a bit with these thoughts in mind!

  10. Ashley, I love her bedroom! Why is this the first time I'm seeing this??? Hey, quick question, the striped rug - any idea who it is from?? I'm sure it is a Weinrib...but thought you might know??


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