Friday, October 28, 2011

TGIF, 10/28/11 Edition

(via Martha Stewart)

Happy Halloween weekend, blog goblins!
As per usual, I am still unsure about my costume, but am hoping to finalize everything quickly tomorrow.
Do you have Halloween party plans?

Before I let you depart for ghoulish weekend shenanigans, I need your opinions:
Meet my new over-the-bar-cart mirror, which I picked up last weekend at Elephant's Trunk.
Love the mirror, but currently questioning the maple tone of the frame.
Should I paint it? If so, what color?
Black? Red? (Court, you're voting red lacquer, right?)

Wishing that all of your Halloween candy dreams come true.
'Til Monday, friends.


  1. Oh, I am voting for glossy black!!! Happy weekend! Caroline

  2. Can't tell from the picture--is the wood tone similar to the tone of the coffee table? If so, I say leave it. I think some wood here and there warms up a space, quick!

    Have a great weekend,


  3. Second for glossy black! Would look quite modern with the new gold-leaf bar cart and the Sister Parish chair/ottoman combo.

    -- Tim

  4. LOVE the new mirror and placement. I think it is perfect for over the bar cart. Just perfect. I'm kinda digging the lacquer red suggestion. Talk about a statement piece!

  5. That Chippendale style mirror is a favorite of mine. I have one right now that I painted gloss white, which takes it to a whole fab level. For you, I suggest a deep cobalt blue! Happy Halloween!!!

  6. Mirror looks great! I'm diggin' the cobalt blue suggestion too. Black might be a little too drastic up against your light walls. But a glossy cobalt...yum:)

  7. Amen to the cobalt blue suggestion. Or even a glossy kelly green?

    I love where you placed it, Ashley. It looks so great in contrast to the straight lines of the cart.

  8. Oh girl this is a win win situation. My first thought was also red, but then I thought since you already have a lot of red an accent color from your rug would also be nice.

  9. Looks great. I could definitely see it in red in that room.

  10. Is there blue in your rug? If so I say blue because you already have red on that wall in the curtains. If there isnt any blue I agree with one of the other comments up there, I am kinda liking the wood tone- at least for now. Maybe try and play with some stain if you want to darken or lighten up the wood.

  11. Score! Looks like you already have some great suggestions. Will wait to see what you decide. I have the same mirror only Dad made it and I am afraid to touch it with a paintbrush.

  12. Yes, amen to the glossy cobalt OR glossy black!


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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