Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

Having finished my goldleafed barcart (thank you for all of your uber-kind comments, btw!), I see that there is a gaping hole in my living room. The wall space directly above the cart is between two windows and also is the location of a poorly-placed dimmer switch. I'd like to find a mirror to a) open up the space (currently I have 0 mirrors in the space) and b) cover up said switch.
But...I'm at a loss about what type of mirror to choose, so naturally I turn to you geniuses for guidance. I've begun gathering some inspiring mirror-related images that make my heart go pitter-patter. Clearly, I can go in a number of different directions with this, so please chime in with your suggestions and favorites!

Option 1: White with a hint of detail
Ballard Design's Atoll mirror has been popular for awhile, and I like the contrast it would offer to the gold tones of the barcart.
(via Lonny)
Wisteria recently started offering a similar looking mirror that I also really like. Check it out here.

Option 2: Sleek and brass
I'm really drawn to the soft curves and warm brass finish of this mirror, from designer Philip Gorrivan's own home:
(via NY Social Diary)
Anyone know what type of mirror this is?
I don't think my generalist "curvy, brassy mirror" search is going to turn up much on Ebay or elsewhere.

Option 3: Oversized and convex
Convex mirrors: suddenly all the rage but not very practical unless you want to look like you came out of a Busta Rhymes video (fish-eye lens, anyone)? Nonetheless, the impracticality can be overlooked. Also, I like the rounded shape of the convex mirror to balance out the square lines of the barcart.
(via Pinterest)

Option 4: Some bamboo action
Tobi Fairley used a mirror with a bamboo accent in this year's Traditional Home showhouse in the Hamptons, and I'm digging it. This option has a subtle Asian influence without screaming it.
If I could swing it, I'd love to find an antique that fits the dimension of the space, the look of my living room, and my budget (can't forget that! So, no 1stDibs for me).

So there you have it, 4 options for my over-the-barcart mirror.
What option would you recommend?
Any great sources for mirrors you can share?


  1. Saw this one on CL in my area. Thought it was nice. I'd totally paint it.


    Let me know if you're interested--I could pick it up for ya;)

  2. Great job on the bar cart! Cannot believe it was a freebie; looks like a million bucks now. I was initially drawn to the Atoll mirror for its curves but on second thought I think the white might disappear too much into the wall color. My second pick. Bamboo all the way.

  3. I go with bamboo, and you are going to hate me for saying this, but could switch the two pictures over the couch and put them between the curtains? Then put mirror where the pictures are? It would make a nice focal point there. Just a guess -- it may not cover the light switch that way...I had to scroll down to see other pictures of your living room for that!

  4. I say red lacquer. Brass will compete with your bar cart. get something cheap and paint that bitch.

  5. Oh gosh, so many great options! I was actually thinking a round mirror might be nice because you have a lot of squared-off things in your room including your bar cart. You may not be a fan of sunburst mirrors but that's an option as well. I don't think I would go brass as someone else mentioned it would compete with your cart. Maybe a dark-framed round mirror? White might get lost on the wall (also as someone else mentioned). I'm sure you with your thrifting skills will find the perfect option!

  6. Decisions, decisions! I think this may be one of those purchase you make when you aren't looking. One day you'll be out shopping for groceries, decide to stop at a thrift shop next door, and find the PERFECT mirror for the spot (in a shape and color you may not even have considered...) Happy hunting :)


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