Monday, October 31, 2011

Folding Screens

What's your take on folding screens?
As of late, they keep popping up in various spaces that catch my eye.
Folding screens, also known as room dividers, add height to any space and function both as furniture and as artwork.

When mirrored, folding screens can buoy the brightness in any room.

When upholstered, folding screens can soften the harshest of corners.
(Domino via Design Dump)

When lacquered, folding screens can mimic the glossiest fragment of sea glass.
(via Elle Decor)

When painted, folding screens can double as large-scale abstract artwork.
(via Interior Design)

When ribboned, folding screens can complement the existing upholstery in a room.
(Domino via The Lovely Lifestyle)

When caned, folding screens can recall the best of exotic vacations.
(via Elle Decor)

When paneled, folding screens can strike the ideal balance between Hollywood Regency and traditional styles.
(Kelly Wearstler's guest house)

When stenciled, folding screens can introduce a handmade element to a space.
(via Martha Stewart)

When patterned, folding screens can negate the need for wallpaper.
(via Apartment Therapy)

When decopauged, folding screens can fake an extensive book collection.
(via 1st Dibs)

And, when DIY'd, folding screens can be whatever you want them to be.
(via Elle Decor)

Folding screens can be a great many things; what function would you like one to serve in your home?


  1. This is something I'd never think to add to a room on my own, but a lot of these look like lovely additions. The hot pink ikat is so fun!

  2. I love them! I've wanted to use them more often in projects but they often take up so much room. I did have a client who had a beautiful screen and we put it behind her sofa - here's a sneak peak (

  3. LOVE that glossy blue one.... gorgeous!

    blair @ scsd


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