Monday, October 8, 2012

A Pumpkin-filled Weekend

My husband Adam and I had a very productive weekend, which included everything from shelf building to socializing to pumpkin picking. On Saturday afternoon, we headed out of the city to Linvilla Orchards in a nearby suburb to enjoy a little bit of autumn and a lot of fall produce.

It seemed that nearly every family in the vicinity was at Linvilla on Saturday. 
Children and babies and strollers were everywhere!
New parents were snapping photographs of their children resting atop piles of pumpkins or bounding over the hay bales or delighting in their first apple cider doughnuts.
I had previously held off buying any pumpkins (it feels premature to buy pumpkins in September) before now, but we didn't hold back on Saturday. Adam carried our bounty..
...while I sipped the delicious apple cider.
It felt like fall, and it was glorious.
Happy Monday, friends!


  1. It's starting feel like it here. We actually had a chilly day yesterday and now chilly rain today. And PS what a cute couple!

  2. We had a chilly day here! It has been awesome, and I want to put pumpkins all over the place now.


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