Friday, October 12, 2012

Thursday's Treasure Hunting

Yesterday, I left the house bright and early to explore a consignment shop in a suburb north of the city to track down an item I saw on Craigslist. It turns out, I walked away with several things, including the large vintage trunk above (the piece I went to the shop for!). I'm so pleased with my findings that I had to share them before we all headed into the weekend.

The trunk's original handles are in good shape and still manage to lock. 
Inside, there is very little cracking to the woven wicker--pretty impressive for an old piece!
How cool are the jute-wrapped handles?
Rather than give you a sense of the trunk's size through measurements, just take a look:
I could be a turn-of-the-century stowaway en route to Ellis Island or something!
The trunk (as large as a small dresser) will move into the guest room to hold a decade+ worth of Martha Stewart Living magazines.

I also picked up two glass items, both of which felt special and majorly inexpensive when compared to identical pieces at Jayson Home & Garden, Terrain, Anthropologie or elsewhere.
First: I found another soft green demijohn for...wait for it...less than $30!
This is the second bargain-priced demijohn I've discovered over the last few years. 
I converted the other into a lamp for my den quite easily and smile when I every time I see it.

Finally, I found a very large lidded glass container that I'll someday use for a terrarium...but first I need to move into a home with more natural light (someday!).
Imagine how perfect this jar would be in a library or entryway, filled with an orchid and moss?
All in all, I'm very pleased with my findings!
Have you found anything great lately?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. Great finds...hopefully I will find some things this weekend! Take care, Caroline

  2. So cute! What are you going to put in it, or how are you going to change it? teehee

  3. As a matter of fact, I just returned from a consignment outlet with just the baskets I was looking for (to paint gold) and a bamboo plant stand for a fraction of the price of one I have been eyeing elsewhere!

  4. Oh my goodness. Either the trunk is exceptionally large or you are extremely tiny.

  5. Bromeliad--maybe a little bit of both? Well, no, not entirely. I'm 5'4", which I think is an average height for a woman!

  6. Which store did you hit? I'm always hunting for stores in the Philly area.

  7. You're funny :)
    and clearly have a good eye for scouting vintage deals.

  8. Hi Anonymous (Kelley)-- I found all three items at the same place, Phantastic Phinds ( Hope that helps!

  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a million Martha Stewarts around- omg those suckers are heavy! EVen after I went through and removed all the postcards and thick ads I had no use for they still weigh a ton!


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