Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If You Could Pick Any Style of House...

...what would it be?
Do you ever find yourself getting lost in thought over your dream house?
You can still love your present home but still get excited over the possibilities of a dream home.
I was just perusing This Old House and found myself down the rabbit hole of American house styles, wondering which style I'd declare to be my favorite.

So, I ask: is your dream house in a...
Stately Georgian style?
Shapely Saltbox style?
Cozy Craftsman style?
Lovely Log Cabin style?
Quaint Cape Cod style?
Regal Italianate style?
Detailed Queen Anne style?
Seafaring Shingle style?
Classic Colonial Revival style?
or, perhaps in a Spanish Colonial Revival style?
(all via This Old House)
If the particular examples of each style don't strike you, do a little research into each style, noticing the characteristic placement of windows, trims, and materials used. Each architectural style has some variation, so there will sure to be one that you like. I've found that I prefer styles that feel familiar--those that remind me of my childhood in New England--meaning I gravitate towards traditional styles like the Colonial or Cape Cod.

How about you?
Which style would your dream home be?

But, before I finish this post and turn it over to your comments, I just wanted to say that I hope you all were safe during the hurricane. My thoughts are with everyone affected by Sandy.


  1. Ashley, glad to hear you are safe! My favorite would have to be classic colonial revival!! Fun!

  2. I have totally thought about this! I think I would have to say Federal. West Village town home built around the time of Jefferson...


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