Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quick Change: Painting the Stairs

 In the next few weeks, I plan on employing my husband and father-in-law (perhaps this is news to them!) on another permanent renovation to our rental apartment: installing built-in storage under the stairs in our apartment. Our landlord gave his permission for this project, and I know it will add a lot of value to our place.
If you're wondering what happens to the t.v., we don't use it so we'll get rid of it and the campaign-style stand it sits on. Back to today's project! While I wait for saws to start cutting and hammers to start nailing, I took a paintbrush to the side of the stairs. The oak wood isn't my taste but, more importantly, the wood tone made the whole corner look dark. I filled in any nail holes, began painting, and was done in about an hour.
Doesn't the white paint lighten the whole set-up? I concur!
I'd like to install under-the-cabinet storage something white, bright and useful like this:
Can't wait to get this project underway!
P.S.: If anyone local is interested in the 2-drawer campaign chest, email me!


  1. OO la lovely. much better.

    what is the size of the chest? I probably don't need it but I'm curious!

  2. Yes! It does brighten it up. I hope your stair project goes well, good luck!

  3. Amazing what a little paint can do!

  4. It looks a lot better! I'm also loving that red trunk your tv is on!!



  5. Excellent, Ashley! And add me to the list of fans for the sweet red chest!

  6. The painted stairs look completely different and the storage is a GREAT idea!

  7. This is going to be great! It already looks better and how lucky is your landlord to have you?


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