Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where Does Your Style Come From?

Have you ever wondered where your design preferences come from? I have.
I wonder: is style inherent to each person or is it nurtured over a lifetime? 

I've been thinking recently about how my style and design preferences have shifted over time, specifically from the sleek and clean lines of mid-century modern to, now, a more comfortable, mixture of patterns, eras,  and colors...but with an emphasis on imperfect finishes and patina.
Gasp! I'm finding myself more and more drawn to traditional antiques, layouts, lighting, etc.
Is it age? Am I becoming more traditional the older I get?

Here are the looks I'm gravitating towards lately:
(all images via my Pinterest)

No, I'm not insinuating that it's necessary to grow traditional with age...but I do think my ever-evolving style been shaped by the home I grew up in, with its Shaker-style pieces, antiques, and pieces-made-to-look-antique. In many ways, I can trace my preferences back to my parents, their style, and their hobby of antique collecting. 

So, I'd like to continue the conversation and hear from you: 
Where do your design preferences come from?
From magazines, travel, blogs, or were they shaped by your childhood home perhaps?
How has your style changed over time?


  1. I'm exactly the same way.

    Well actually this is my progression- I first loved ornate, french pieces, then it was mid-century, now its traditional with sprinklings of the above. I wan't warm and layered and sophisticated and that's best done as traditional with a twist.

  2. Gradually more modern over time. But it also has depending on where I live. Some places "ask" for a different style.

  3. My husband is very minimalistic and I'm definitely not! So I have to mix our styles to make us both happy with our home. I ended up finding I like the mix and I believe that made my style evolve - the mix is good!

  4. I think my style is a mix of my mother's style - which is very similar to my own - we both love color and chinoiserie elements - and of course blogs! I have been exposed to so many different and modern styles - its been transformative!


  5. Totally agree, I'm the same way. I've changed more times than I can count, but I think I've landed on a traditional base with lots of color, fun and life layered in. I just found you thru Camille, and I'm so happy I did. You rock it girl!

  6. I think with age you start to appreciate decor and pieces for what they are. A comfortable elegant room is timeless and I think as we get older we have grown a bit tired of change and something classic is comforting.
    great post!
    The Relished Roost

  7. Thanks for your comments and perspectives, ladies! It sounds like our individual styles have evolved and developed over time.

    Elizabeth: Welcome and thank you for following along!

    Karolyn: I couldn't agree more. And thanks--I'm glad you liked the post!

  8. Hey Ashley, I'm so glad you brought this up because it's something I think about a lot. I think I'm naturally attracted to antiques because I grew up with them. They were in my grandmother's, aunt's, and my own childhood home. And now I have many of those same pieces in my house. I love the natural, warm feel of wood because of this, I think. My mom pointed out after I painted my kitchen that the one she remodeled when I was a kid was white with brass handles and a grey floor. Wonder where I got that idea from for my own kitchen? :)


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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